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Great Deals on Solar Equipment

EXTREMELY Low Cost Solar Hot Water!

Bob Nuttelman is clearing out some inventory, and has arranged a great deal for customers in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of VT and NH:

Get a 20-tube evacuated tube collector for only $600!

A trip to the local home center will get you all the other parts you need to store and move the water for about $700.

Think about it: for $1,300 (one panel for a family of 2) to $1,900 (two panels for a family of 4) you can meet your family’s domestic hot water needs for decades! This is an unbelievably good deal, for a system that will provide almost all the domestic hot water you need (dishwashing, clothes washing, tap water, and showering)!

Give Bob a call at: 413-883-3960 or email:

Since a limited number of panels is available, if you can’t reach Bob, you can contact Nancy at Green Energy Times, and she’ll try to make sure Bob knows you’re interested. Green Energy Times can make no guarantee of availability. We’re guessing these will go very quickly!

210 Watt Solar Electric (PV) Panels Only $150/Watt

Backwoods Solar (see their ad in the current issue) is offering REC brand 210 watt panels at $1.50 per watt! There is a catch, though: you need to buy by the pallet of 30. This is enough to power two typical homes, so it’s time to ask a friend or neighbor if they want to split a pallet with you – for under $5k each, you’ll both get enough panels to power your home. You’ll still need additional equipment and a competent installer to hook it all up, but it’s hard to beat this price for your panels!

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