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Hochul Signs Precedent-Setting Cryptomining Moratorium – Read Media – On Tuesday November 22nd, “Governor Kathy Hochul signed the first-in-the-nation cryptocurrency mining moratorium. The law will put a two-year pause on new and renewed air permits for fossil fuel power plants that house proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining and require the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to conduct a study into the practice’s environmental impacts. Advocates across the state celebrated this precedent-setting step and urged the Governor to finish the job by shutting down the existing fracked gas-powered Bitcoin mines Greenidge Generation and Fortistar North Tonawanda.” In-depth article here.

Chefs, Doctors and Real Estate Developers Among New Aussie Coalition Calling to Rid Kitchens of Gas Cooking – Michael Siezak and Penny Timms – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – “For decades, ‘natural gas’ has sold itself to families as the fastest, most-efficient way to cook…A coalition of chefs, doctors, climate scientists and real estate developers have joined forces to push back against the gas industry’s marketing, with the aim of removing gas from kitchens worldwide. And that coalition thinks that if they can rid kitchens of gas, they’ll rid homes of the fossil fuel altogether…’Our view is that the future is all electric, whether it’s electric vehicles, whether it’s cooking, whether it’s space heating,’ said Davina Rooney, chief executive of the Green Building Council, and one of the founders of the Global Cooksafe Coalition. The article includes a 4-minute 1988 National Fuel Gas video extolling gas cooking. Full article here.

Looking for Inspiration? – Robert Llewellyn – The Everything Electric Show – This 20-minute video on a Welsh housing development put the THANKS in our Thanksgiving morning! Llewellyn enthusiastically described a 225-house affordable neighborhood with every home powered by solar panels with batteries, heated and cooled with ground source heat pumps and equipped with fast chargers. “We just need all the builders of the world to literally pull their finger out, stop making excuses and build proper houses like this for people in the 21st century…Spending less and living comfortably – I take this as a quick win.”  Video here.

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