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Efficiency Maine Offers $100 Rebate on Home Weatherization Products to Help Maine People Save Money This Winter

Efficiency Maine kicked off a special promotion to raise awareness about resources that will help Maine homeowners and tenants stay warm and manage their heating bills during the upcoming winter heating season.

Efficiency Maine announced it has launched a limited-time $100 “DIY” Winter Prep Rebate, which will reimburse Maine homeowners and tenants up to $100 toward the purchase of select weatherization and insulation products, including weather stripping, caulk, spray foam sealant, window insulation shrink kits, pipe and duct insulation, duct sealing, tank wrap, and foam board insulation. The promotion covers eligible purchases made from October 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

Complete promotion details, a list of eligible products, and a claim form can be found on the Efficiency Maine website at

“Small investments to tighten up your home for the winter months can make a big difference,” said Governor Janet Mills. “This new program from Efficiency Maine will help even more Maine people weatherize their homes this winter to save money and stay warm. I encourage homeowners and renters to take advantage of this incentive over the coming weeks and months.”

“With winter just around the corner, we want to remind Mainers that by weatherizing your house or apartment you can reduce your energy use, increase your comfort, and lower your bills,” said Michael Stoddard, executive director of the Efficiency Maine Trust. “While it is typical to employ a professional contractor to perform major weatherization projects, this promotion recognizes that there are plenty of smaller, low-cost steps that we can install ourselves with the right materials from the local hardware store.”

The $100 DIY Winter Prep Rebate is just one of many resources available to Maine people to help manage their energy costs, improve their home’s energy efficiency, and find heating assistance programs if needed during the upcoming winter season. Other resources include:

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