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Green Energy Times Is Twelve Years Old!

Issue #1 of Green Energy Times

A message from N.R. Mallery, founder of Green Energy Times

This 66th edition of Green Energy Times marks our 12-year anniversary. We have come a long way since the first issue was released on May 4th, 2009.

When I look back at how seldom one would see solar at a home or business back then and look at how solar today is a very common sight, it warms my heart to think that G.E.T. may have contributed to helping with our change to a clean-energy future.

G.E.T. was founded because there was a need to share my own story about how well solar and efficiency really does work, and to make connections with others who were doing the same. It was important not only to tell and share our solar stories, but also to let people know how to connect with the businesses that could help them achieve energy independence. At the time G.E.T. was founded, energy independence was the key goal. But as time passed, it became very clear that this was also part of the puzzle to help in the fight against climate change and lead to our future.

It started with my own story of going solar, off the grid. This meant that I needed to learn how to get my energy needs down, so that the small 3.8kW solar system I could afford would meet my needs. Two sources that I credit with helping me learn how were the Solar Living Source Book (my bible) and Efficiency Vermont. An energy-efficient home was built, the solar PV and solar hot water was installed, and it worked!

People started to visit and were amazed that I could live a normal lifestyle with solar providing the electricity to meet my needs. School groups and tours from local events would visit. I would give the same speech showing how it all worked again and again. I knew that it was time to let more people know that solar works, how it works, and how others can do likewise. With no money, I created a newspaper that could accomplish this, with just the advertising to pay for the costs to publish and distribute it in the local region surrounding Bradford, VT.

And look at G.E.T. today, with readers throughout VT, NH, NY and well-beyond. It takes a lot of long, hard work to produce each issue. We hear from readers every week about how much they love what they read and learn from the pages of G.E.T. We hear of stories of what others have been able to accomplish, and we smile to think that G.E.T. may have been just a piece in the puzzle that helped them. It is amazing to witness the changes happening all around us as we walk our path to a sustainable planet.

From the day G.E.T. was founded, we had a vision to change the world starting in the area where I live, but G.E.T. continued to evolve because you wanted it. We would not be here without you.

G.E.T. has been showing a path to sustainability for the past twelve years, but we’re just getting started on saving the planet. There is much work ahead of us all to assure that we have a planet which the next generation can survive on.

We are thankful to each of you for everything you do and proud to be a part of a clean, renewable future for us all.

Thank you for your continued support! Please read the following congratulatory messages from some of our supporters.

“Congratulations G.E.T. on your important work in the Upper Valley for the past 12 years. ARC appreciates your efforts towards a resilient future for us all.” — Kim Sager, ARC Mechanical Contractors,

“BetterNotBiggerVermont and Green Energy Times have very similar goals. I am very pleased to have given a lot of time to both endeavors.” — George Plumb,

Thank you for your most excellent work to keep us informed. Knowledge is the key to change. Wishing you all peace, love, health and happiness and many more years ahead.”Paul and Joanne Coons

“Congratulations on twelve terrific years of teaching us all how to make a difference and build a better world!” — Jen White, Colby-Sawyer College,


“Congratulations to the entire staff of G.E.T. on their anniversary. I always find the articles by their editorial writers to be objective, factual and thought provoking. G.E.T. founder Nancy Rae Mallery is a true treasure to the cause of sustainability.” — Keith Dewey, architect AIA-LEED AP, Certified Passive House Designer

“Congratulations, G.E.T.! Thanks for leading the way to a fossil free future!” — Green Energy Options,

“Over the years we have enjoyed reading G.E.T. and all your coverage of energy and climate action topics. Keep up the good work and together let’s make the planet green again!” — Montpelier Construction, L.L.C.


“Your publication is a gem for this region. We love the consistent no-nonsense coverage of climate issues and solutions. We are proud to read and support Green Energy Times. Congratulations on 12 years and here’s to many more.” — Ted Vansant, New England Commercial Services,

NH Sierra Club wishes Green Energy Times Happy Anniversary! We count on your publication to share the important stories addressing the climate crisis for the many intersectional impacts on our daily lives; as well as the businesses, communities, institutions, and organizations bringing solutions for all people to learn and apply.”


“Thank you G.E.T. – You’re a beacon to the future we all hope to see!” — Bill Nowak, Buffalo, NY


“The New York Solar Energy Society is pleased to distribute Green Energy Times. It is the best publication resource ever and has been a major program of ours for 8 years. Congratulations on your 12-year anniversary.” NYSES,

“Happy 12th Anniversary to Green Energy Times! Your publication is like a breath of clean air.”Randy Bryan, PlugOut Power LLC,

We would like to thank Green Energy Times for supporting our business! Thanks for sharing pertinent industry news that educates and encourages clean energy support, investment, and participation. As we grow and expand in VT, NY, and MA, we look forward to sharing our work with G.E.T. readers. — Power Guru,

Renewable Energy Vermont applauds Green Energy Times for its legacy of clean energy leadership! For more than a decade, G.E.T has helped guide the way to a resilient, local, renewable energy future in Vermont and New England. Thank you for making such a difference with your hard work!” — REV,

“Congratulations on a great milestone G.E.T.! Every issue is filled with great stories to continue to learn about what our communities are doing and ReVision Energy thanks you for your tireless work.” — The Revision Energy team,

“Congratulations on your anniversary! And thank you to the Green Energy Times community as we work for a sustainable future.” (RenewAire)

“Sustainable Hanover and the Town of Hanover are so grateful for the leadership Green Energy Times has exercised in our region over the years! Bravo for showing us all the way to our sustainable, green, resilient future in our very special corner of New England!” Sustainable Hanover and the Town of Hanover,

“Congratulations on 12 years!” — Sustainable Heating Outreach & Education,

“Southern VT Solar believes in the power of community! Thank you G.E.T. for providing a rich, green network for people in our area to tune into and take action for a clean energy transformation. Happy 12 years – and many more!” — The Southern VT Solar team,

“Congratulations G.E.T. for 12 years successfully dedicated to highlighting the vital information needed to make our world, and particularly our region, more sustainable and energy efficient.” — Steven Winter Associates, Inc.,

“Vermont Passive House looks forward to every issue of G.E.T. and is always excited to follow your coverage of High Performing and Passive House Residential and Multi-Family projects. Keep up the good work!! PH Design + Minimize Embodied Carbon + Electrify Everything + 100% Clean Energy = Climate Action!” —

“Congratulations on the last 12 years! Thanks for being a great advocate in helping keep the community connected, educated and updated on clean energy and green living!” — Wright Builders (

“The feeling I get each time I read Green Energy Times is the same feeling I get from attending events such as Efficiency VT’s Better Buildings by Design conference. It’s an exciting reminder that there are thousands of other people in our area and globally who are working hard toward implementing on-the-ground changes to our resource use that are absolutely necessary if we want to maintain any sort of global ecological health.” — Nate Gusakov, Zone 6 Energy (a division of Silver Maple Construction),

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