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8 Cool Solar-Powered Camping Gears for Green Adventure

Image: Flickr/jluster

Joshua Hodge

Harnessing the power of the sun on your outdoor adventure makes all kinds of sense. The uses of solar energy have grown and camping gear is no exception to these benefits. Making use of solar energy isn’t all about creature comforts. It is also a beneficial solution for safety and connectivity. Let’s look at eight coolest options available for your solar-powered camping gear.

1. Solar Lantern

Lighting is an essential requirement for camping. Campers should have a flashlight and a lantern. It is best to use LEDs for both these applications. You could use traditional battery-powered lighting solutions or maybe even the older fuel-powered lanterns.

However, the most convenient solution in both cases is solar power. With the sun shining, you never have to worry about carrying replacement batteries or extra fuel. Sunlight handles all those requirements and you have dependable lighting available for your needs.

Several products are available for both these requirements. While campers must consider a solar lantern, having a solar flashlight along can be very useful too.

2. Solar Shower

Hygiene doesn’t have to take a break just because you’re outdoors! It is not unheard of for campers and hikers going to remote locations having trouble finding suitable bathing options. Carrying along a solar-powered shower can take away a big chunk of those problems. A camping shower is worth considering for car campers as well.

These are generally passive solar products that heat up water by absorbing radiation from the sun. You won’t get piping hot water, but it will be comfortably warm for a shower. A portable shower is an excellent option for trips where hygiene can become an issue.

3. Solar Charger Backpack

It’s very likely that you’re carrying a backpack to your vacation, why not get more use from it? Some backpacks include batteries that can be used for charging devices later. Others prefer a direct charge. These backpacks can be very useful in keeping gadgets like your mobile phone powered and juiced up.

Besides, the backpack of any hiker or camper is going to see a lot of sun throughout the day. Whether you choose to hike or just chill by the tent, the backpack can be exposed to sunlight. Might as well get a solar powered backpack and put solar power to good use!

4. Portable Solar Generator

Gadgets like the EnergyBar or Portable Solar Generator work with a higher power density than conventional solar batteries or power banks. These devices will certainly charge your mobile phone or similar gadgets. However, they have enough juice to power larger devices as well. The EnergyBar, for example, is capable of running an LED TV for 10 hours.

These gadgets can afford a high-power output and can be used for 110V AC power output as well. Given their backup, they form excellent and very reliable power sources. The overall setup can be a bit clunky because you’ll need a fairly powerful solar panel as well. Alternatively, just use solar power at home to charge up these gadgets, and enjoy the backup while out camping.

5. Solar Power Water Purifier

Getting access to clean, potable water can be challenging for many camping destinations. There is always a chance that even the clear stream running in the wilderness harbors pathogens. A solar power water purifier takes away most of the worries on that count.

Using the sun to power a tiny water purification system to ensure you have potable water is convenient and desirable. A lightweight, portable kit that’s easy to carry along can be very beneficial.

6. Solar Battery Charger

This option is more like using a conventional power bank, except the power comes from the sun. Having the sun charge a power bank means you’ll always have juice for necessary devices.

Keeping the mobile phone running is an obvious use. However, it’s as useful for other communication devices like walkie-talkies and ham radios. For many popular camping locations, walkie talkies and radios are far superior options compared to mobile phones.

The solar battery charger does not have to be an overly hefty system. You can use one that’s a small solar panel on the back of a power bank. Those who want to draw more power from the sun can use a more complex and heavier solar panel charger setup.

7. Solar Cooker

As the name implies, a solar cooker or solar oven uses the power of the sun to cook food. It’s quite a simple and elegant solution to cooking needs. It’s also cleaner and more environmentally friendly than burning wood to cook.

A plausible downside is that these cookers take way longer to prepare food as compared to cooking on a fire. Remember to start early and be patient. Though these options take longer, the quality of cooking and food is not affected negatively.

8. Solar Multi-Tool Kit

Putting several solar tools and operations in one system seems like the natural order to pursue. The solar multi-tool kit puts together some necessities for your camping gear. While the exact configuration can vary depending on the kit you choose, any kit will include a solar panel and a power storage bank.

This can be used to power up gadgets like the mobile phone or GPS. Some kits also include a flashlight and a small fan, both of which can come in pretty handy on camping trips.


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