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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Forest Sustainability Webinar


Professional foresters with decades of experience have a lot of stories to tell. They have seen good practices and bad ones, well managed stands and those that have been left on their own.

After working in, advising on and observing the growth of northern New England’s forests, our panel of 3 foresters and 1 Forestry expert have a broad view of how we can best manage their growth, health and productivity. Who better to ask?

Our panel of Forestry Professionals will share 150+ years of Forest Experience!

Robbo Holleron, Independent Vermont Forester

Charlie Moreno, Independent NH Forester

Kevin Evans, Dartmouth College Forester

Richard Donovan, International Forestry Consultant

If we want our forests to remain as forests, we need to cut through the theories and talk to those who have experienced the droughts, the infestations and fires. What can they tell us about the best way to manage a forest for long term survival.

New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and northern New York State are among the most heavily wooded regions of the U.S. How should these forests be treated? Should we stop all logging? Are managed forests healthier? Should sequestering the most carbon be our priority? How is that best accomplished? People want to do the right thing. But after hearing talks about climate change, proforestation and renewable heat using tree based biomass, they are confused.

Our goal with this webinar is to provide new insights based in science and experience.

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