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Time Is Running Out for GMP’s Enhanced Rebates on Heat Pumps, Electric Bikes and Electric Mowers

Successful Go, Save and Share Green Initiative to Help Customers Save Money and Boost Economy Ends August 31st

Green Mountain Power (GMP) is reminding customers that enhanced rebates on products that help save energy and money while reducing carbon pollution will close at the end of the month. GMP’s popular Go, Save and Share Green initiative increased rebates on electric mowers, electric bikes, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. To get the larger rebates, customers need proof of purchase on or before August 31.

GMP launched the package of increased incentives in May to help customers save money while also helping local Vermont businesses who sell and install these products. Customers have responded by buying thousands of products from local businesses and working with installers across the state. For example, more than 1280 heat pumps have been sold so far.

“It is great to see how this is delivering for customers.  Not only do these programs help customers save money while boosting business for local companies, it is also helping to lower costs for all our customers and carbon emissions, too, which is so important now more than ever,” said Mari McClure, President and CEO of GMP.

Enhanced rebates good through Aug. 31, 2020 (After August it will return to the original amount and be extended through the end of the year):

Other Go, Save and Share Green programs continue. You can also raise money for the Vermont Foodbank without spending a dime! Through GMP’s new Save and Share program, you can save energy and money. When you sign up, you receive notifications about peak energy use times, and then you can take steps to lower your own energy usage during the peak. For every 1MWh of energy saved through this program, $5,000 will go to the Vermont Foodbank. Enrollment form and program details here: .

Customers can also still sign up for GMP’s Share with Vermont Green program, which allows solar customers to share net metering credits with local businesses and non-profits recovering from the pandemic’s economic shut down. More details here:

Learn more about GMP’s Go, Save & Share Green rebates and programs here or call 888-835-4672.

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