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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Flying with Electrons Over Vermont

BETA’selectric aircraft, ALIA, flies over the Vermont mountains during a test flight. (Credit: Brian Jenkins/BETA Technologies)

Michael J Daley

What takes off and lands like a helicopter, flies like an airplane, emits no carbon dioxide or pollution, and looks like a bird? It’s the Alia, a cutting-edge electric vertical takeoff and […]

Carbon Pricing Misconceptions


Katharine Gage

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released the second part of its Sixth Assessment Report on climate change, focusing on impacts, mitigation, and adaptation, again drawing attention to the deteriorating future of the climate and the urgent need for action. It reports that many impacts are […]

EnergyHub Acquires Packetized Energy and Will Continue to Grow in Vermont

Packetized Energy employees discuss results from recent software testing at the company’s lab in Burlington. The company’s Mello device (foreground) transformed water heaters into smart devices that could balance the variability of renewable energy on the grid and enabled them to demonstrate the packetized algorithms with hundreds of devices. (University of Vermont photo: […]

ESG Investment Essentials

Want to invest in companies with a strong ESG strategy? Here’s everything you need to know.

(pixbox77/Adobe stock photo)

Sara Gutterman

Due to a rising tide of sustainability-minded investors, the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing sector has achieved a 10x growth in the past two years. While […]

Investing for Clean Energy Income


Todd M. Walker and Craig R. Walker

“OMG, where did my interest go?” If that sounds like you recently as you looked at your bank, CD, money market, bond or fixed annuity account statements, you’re hardly alone. Due to governments around the globe lowering interest rates […]

Filabot: Closing the Plastic Loop

The Filabot Airpath extrusion system makes filament for 3D printers. (Photo: Filabot)

Jessie Haas

Waste is only waste until the loop is closed. Then it becomes feedstock, and that’s just what the Filabot company in Barre, VT, is helping make happen.

Filabot had its origin in 2011 when Tyler McNaney, […]

Now that Climate Change is Here, How Do You Invest?

There’s no denying climate change any longer after the recent rash of climate events. (

Todd M. Walker and Craig R. Walker

We’ve been warned since the ‘70s, of course. –although scientists and environmentalists called it “The greenhouse effect” back then. Over the years the debate raged over whether the impact from man-made […]

Greenvest Named “Best for the World” B Corp for 2021

Ranking in the Top 5% of Certified B Corps Worldwide.

Craig Walker, Financial Advisor and Todd Walker,Founder and Senior Advisor. (Greenvest®)

After little more than a year since being approved as a B Corp™, socially responsible investment firm Greenvest® has been named a Best for the World™ B Corp for their exemplary performance […]

Sustainability and the Arts at Sage Street Mill

The Mill in North Bennington, Vermont is bringing solar and arts to the area with the power of the sun. (Courtesy images)

George Harvey

The Sage Street Mill (the Mill) is a historic industrial site in North Bennington, Vermont. It is not something that a lot of people notice. Houses were built around […]

Maine’s Promising Clean Future

University of Maine’s VolturnUS is a floating concrete structure that supports a wind turbine, designed by University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center and deployed by DeepCwind Consortium in 2013. (Wikipedia)

Toby Martin

Maine’s climate change leadership found a new focus in 2019 with the inauguration of Governor Janet Mills, who based […]