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Nicholas Ponzio from Building Energy Receives Jim Grundy Award during the 2016 REV Conference

Burlington, Vermont. October 14, 2016.

Building Energy’s Co-Founder Nicholas Ponzio was awarded the Jim Grundy Award during the 2016 REV Conference on Friday, October 14th. Renewable Energy Vermont annually recognizes energy innovators and advocates at the Conference. The award’s namesake Jim Grundy was a founder of REV known for his integrity of spirit, kindness of soul and ingenuity in renewable energy technologies. The Jim Grundy Award is given to a Vermonter who exhibits these qualities beyond all others. Upon receiving the award, Ponzio stated, “This award is a huge honor because I knew Jim Grundy personally and thought very highly of him. He was a role model and early mentor to me as I was entering this industry 20 years ago. I strive to live up to the high professional standards that Jim set with his own example of excellent workmanship. I work to emulate his dedication to integrity and honesty in all of his interactions with clients, colleagues and competitors alike. At the end of the day, we are all in this together. As Senator Leahy said here yesterday, ‘The future of the world hangs in the balance.’”

Like Grundy, Ponzio strongly believes in the importance of maintaining high quality design and installation of renewable systems to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the local renewable energy industry. Ponzio has a background in electrical engineering and has been designing and installing solar PV, solar thermal and off-grid power systems since 2001. With a highly detail-oriented approach to design and an engineer’s insight into problem solving, he provides a disciplined creativity to challenges in new and existing systems. Currently Nik oversees the solar and heat pump divisions at Building Energy.

Building Energy is a leading energy services company in Vermont with offices in Williston and White River Junction. They have been offering trusted in-house design, installation and service of Solar PV systems and Mitsubishi Cold Climate Heat Pumps under the leadership of Nik Ponzio since 2007.

Building Energy’s website is


Nik Ponzio (on the right) with solar PV customers, Eric Brattstrom & Dorothy Kyle

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