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Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week!

CSWD bannerThe Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) and Green Mountain Compost are joining the rest of the planet in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week, May 3-9, with a roster of fun, soil-boosting workshops and activities. Check out the list below and reserve your spot at CSWD’s Compost Awareness Week web page at

Tuesday May 5 and Thursday, May 7, 5-6 PM: 

Backyard Composting workshops at Green Mountain Compost
(1042 Redmond Rd., Williston)
Discover the benefits of “closing the loop” and building soils with your own household food scraps in this popular interactive session. Geared for adults. Sign up to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, May 6, 5-6 PM: 

Edible Forest Gardens Workshop at Green Mountain Compost
(1042 Redmond Rd., Williston)
Join Meghan Giroux from Vermont Edible Landscapes for a free workshop on creating edible forest gardens. Discover how to design, establish and maintain these edible ecosystems that mimic the structure and function of natural forests. Sign up to reserve your spot!

Friday, May 8, 5-6 PM: 

Green Mountain Compost facility tour
(1042 Redmond Rd., Williston)
Learn where food scraps, yard trimmings, and even paper towels, napkins and pizza boxes become healthy soil. Get the dirt on a facility that incorporates leading technology gleaned from around the country-built right here in Williston, Vermont. Sign up to reserve your spot!

Saturday, May 9, 10-3: 

Join CSWD/GMC at Kid’s Day in Burlington
Burlington Waterfront
Join CSWD’s School Outreach Coordinator Rhonda Mace with a recycle relay race, photo ops where you pose as decomposers and/or food, a live composting worm farm, and up-close look at worms through a microscope.

Saturday, May 9, 9-1:30: 

Vermont Community Garden Network’s Day in the Dirt
Help prepare community garden sites in Burlington that feed our schools and neighborhoods. ( Sign up with the Vermont Community Garden Network at )

Sign up for workshops on the CSWD Compost Awareness Week web page at


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