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What is Sustainable? Let people know!


My commentary on the definition of sustainable is in the Times Argus today and on vtdigger at

Please, please do me a favor and post a comment on vtdigger which is read by thousands of people and not just in Vermont.

As possible ideas for a post:

You could mention that this is not an idealistic definition. Not too many decades ago Vermonters did live more sustainably when they grew most of their own food, heated largely with wood, depended more on horsepower, and were fewer in numbers.

You could commend the Vt. Chapter of the Sierra Club for adopting this excellent definition.

You could stress personal benefits of living more sustainably like bicycling and walking more, etc.

You could make a stronger connection with environmental issues like climate change, water pollution, etc.

If you post and haven’t received a copy of the great new book “Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoots” I have two left that I can give out!

Thanks much and I look forward to your posts. The more posts the more attention the commentary receives!


It is not how many people Vermont and the U.S. can contain it is how many they can sustain.

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