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From Renewable Energy Vermont:

REV_Logo_SmRE2014 Tackles
the Human Behavior Element to
Reaching 90% Renewables by 2050

Burlington, VT — “Leading the Change in Energy” explores the challenges and opportunities of transitioning into an efficient, renewable energy future from the most critical aspect: human behavior.  With the average American spending just six minutes per year thinking about energy, how do we encourage our society to move towards a clean energy future as quickly and efficiently as possible? From offering to empty attics to help weatherize a home, to showing the energy savings from solar hot water – numerous opportunities exist to engage the consumer.

Beyond the individual consumer, conference speakers also present on the regulatory, financial, and economic structures that are larger than the individual consumer by discussing what could be changed from the Top-Down.  What is the update on Vermont’s “Genuine Progress Indicator” and how does it differ to the more standard “Gross Domestic Product”? What have others learned by placing a price on pollution and how does this improve jobs and growth?

About Renewable Energy 2014 (RE 2014)

RE 2014 is Vermont’s annual convention bringing together key players in the clean energy sector. The conference will be held on October 16 & 17 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, VT.

The conference includes more than 25 sessions featuring 65 expert speakers from throughout the region covering issues from community solar and energy permitting, to energy storage and grid infrastructure opportunities, case studies in efficiently heating and cooling our homes with renewable sources, and the future of electrified transportation.  The tradeshow floor – which is open to the public – will feature some 50 exhibitors showcasing modern wood heating, solar hot water and electricity, cold climate heat pumps and geothermal systems, financing opportunities and more of the latest technologies, products and services.

This year’s conference theme is “Leading the Change in Energy.” Nationwide and here in Vermont, the closure of coal and nuclear facilities, concerns around “fracked” gas, instability in oil-rich regions and the climate change imperative, are driving markets to implement renewable energy and efficiency-based solutions to address our energy demands. RE 2014 is bringing together leaders and experts from throughout the region to address the challenges and opportunities ahead, Vermont’s leadership role in the energy industry, and the steps needed to implement an integrated energy infrastructure. More information at

7 hours of Continuing Legal Education credits available.

About Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)

REV is Vermont’s only non-profit, non-partisan renewable energy trade association working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of energy throughout the state and region. More information at

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