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Train Travel Discounts Too

Amtrak has selected the “Vermonter” for its study on the feasibility of rolling bikes onto Amtrak trains that don’t have a checked baggage car. How long the study will last, when and how bikes will be permitted onto the Vermonter and what fee may be charged are all unknowns.The study doesn’t look at any other train routes at this time.

Training without a bike remains a pleasure too. Amtrak offers discounts for travel on the Ethan Allen and Vermonter trains:  from any Amtrak station in VT to any other Amtrak station in VT, there is a discounted *one-way fare of $12. Make your reservation at least one day in advance.Discounts are contingent on seat availability and on any blackout dates.

Also, take advantage of a “Visit Vermont Discount” of 20% off travel to any destination along the routes of the Vermont trains. A three-day advance reservation is required. Again, travel contingent on blackout dates and seating availability. VT’s Department of Tourism and Marketing suggests accessing the discounts via:

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