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Last call for the Woodstove Changeout Program in Vermont!

Only 2 Weeks Left to take advantage of the “Woodstove Change Out and Repairs” Program

Do you have an inefficient woodstove? If yes, read on for a great opportunity to save money and help the environment! The deadline for submitting an application is March 31st. Don’t miss out!


What is the new incentive program?
The Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund has announced big incentives to help cover the costs of replacing old inefficient wood stoves with advanced EPA-certified wood stoves, as well as making related repairs required to ensure the woodstove systems installed meet Vermont’s relevant Fire & Building Safety Codes.How much money can I save?
Incentives up to $10,000* are available for those who are eligible.

  • *60-80% of the installation cost up to $6,000 for stove only, and up to $10,000 with repairs

Note: You must work with a Participating Stove Retailer/Installer. Chimney Savers is on the list!

How do I know if I am eligible?

  1. You live in Vermont; AND
  2. You have an inefficient (i.e., a non-EPA certified) woodstove; AND
    • Not sure? Email, or simply respond to this email, with a photo of your stove and we’ll tell you if it’s eligible!
  3. Your annual income is considered moderate to low, based on the county you live in.
    • Click here to find out if your income qualifies


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