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Thermal-RECs: A Big NH Advantage – Webinar Thursday, February 25th

Thermal Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs) have been transformative to the biomass heating market in New Hampshire—the first state in the nation to establish T-RECs as part of their Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

However, right now a bill is being considered that would Eliminate all new T-REC generators.  Other portions of this bad bill would devastate the important logging and forestry industries in our state.  

Learn all about T-RECs in this Webinar.
And then send an email to your NH Representative to Oppose HB213

Click HERE to sign up for the T-REC Webinar on Feb 25th at 3 PM

Charlie Niebling of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions (INRS) will be our featured speaker. Charlie was instrumental in the creation of NH T-RECs so he has a lot to say on the subject.

This NHPUC program was established in 2012 and it has been very successful—generating more than an estimated $1.8 million each year for system owners.

With T-RECs, system owners are paid for offsetting the use of fossil fuels with wood chips, wood pellets, other biofuels (liquid, solid, gas), solar thermal and geothermal systems.  As a result system owners can reduce their annual heating fuel costs by between 30% and 70% below the cost of fossil fuels.

In New Hampshire, for every net Megawatt of heat generated by biomass or other qualified method, a system owner gets one Class 1 NH Thermal REC.  Then each T-REC can be sold, netting about $20 (average during the past few years).

Learn all about T-RECs and then send an email to your NH Representative.
Keep T-RECs working for New Hampshire.

Click HERE to sign up for the Feb 25th Webinar
“Thermal RECs: A Big New Hampshire Advantage – (Now Endangered!!)”

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