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VT 2020 Clean Energy Industry Report Issued

Clean Energy Report Identifies Continued Growth Through 2019
State cautions COVID-19 will have an impact for 2020
Montpelier, Vermont – The Vermont Public Service Department (PSD) announces the release of the 2020 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report, the seventh annual report describing the status and characteristics of Vermont’s clean energy industry.
With pre-COVID total employment of over 18,900 workers, the clean energy sector is a significant part of the Vermont economy, representing about 6% of all workers. The report shows that the number of clean energy jobs grew by 0.1% between the 2019 and 2020 reporting periods.
Commenting on the report Commissioner June Tierney said, “Although the data for the report were obtained prior to the COVID-19 economic disruptions, the insights and trends gleaned from the report can assist in the policy decisions the State makes as it works toward the Comprehensive Energy Plan’s goals, strives to bring back lost jobs, and helps to revitalize the clean energy industry.”
The PSD’s Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) commissioned BW Research Partners Inc. to conduct the study of Vermont’s clean energy cluster and issue the report. 
The full report can be found on the PSD’s web site at:
Commissioner Tierney also said, “The clean energy sector of Vermont’s economy provides good jobs for Vermonters.  As noted in the report, the pandemic has impacted all Vermonters, but the clean energy sector has seen less of decline in jobs than the Vermont economy at large. Moving forward from the current challenges will require that we improve the livelihood of Vermonters while meeting our State’s clean energy goals. 
Important findings of the report include:
  • Vermont continued with modest growth in clean energy jobs through 2019 with a total employment of 18,910 workers.
  • Vermont has a high concentration of clean energy jobs compared to the overall nationwide concentration.
  • There were 13,636 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) clean energy jobs across the state (just under three quarters of Vermont’s clean energy labor force).
  • Since 2014, FTE clean energy jobs grew by about 30%.
  • Energy Efficiency jobs continued to lead the Vermont clean energy workforce with 10,741 workers.
  • Clean Transportation jobs rose to over 1,400 workers—more than doubling since 2014.
  • Renewable Energy jobs continued to contract down to 6,035 workers with losses in some sub-technologies slightly offset by modest job growth in others.
  • The number of positions in the wood fuel segment continued to drop to 1,794 jobs from 1,841 in the previous census conducted in 2018.
  • As a result of the economic impacts from the novel coronavirus, Vermont lost an estimated 2,600 clean energy jobs as of April 2020, representing a 15% decline.

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