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HYDROPOWER. THEN & More Importantly NOW!

By Lori Barg

Lori Barger, showing some of the equipment at a hydroelectric plant.

I believe vibrant local economies and local energy could learn by looking towards Vermont’s history and implementing the lessons and technology of the past.

I believe that if we could have the economic vitality of the 19th century, with the smarts of the 21st century, then we could have vibrant, economically productive towns. Every Vermont town had a vibrant local economy, whether it was potash, bobbins or fishing poles, starch or wool; sash and doors, Vermont towns produced it all. Every town had factories, every town had a vibrant economy.

This white coal from hydroelectric development, free from smoke, soot and cinders… are today producing power sufficient to displace the use of a million tons of black coal annually, and this power can readily be distributed to every small and large town… and thus revive the hundreds of small factories, which were formerly the hives of industry in so many of our small villages… Again how differently, financially, for our people and state, if this $5,000,000 now paid annually to the coal producers of Pennsylvania and Ohio should be produced and kept within our borders.”

Vermont Governor John A. Mead – 1912

Click here for more information ( PDF download ): HYDROPOWER. THEN & NOW!

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