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Interiors “Green Shots”

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

December: Holiday gift ideas – in the spirit of the returning daylight – What are simple useful gifts that will light up the lives of our loved ones. Here are some of my thoughts Darn Tough-wool socks keep your loved ones warm and dry while supporting a local VT company, wool production, natural materials… on that note wool long johns are a wonderful gift too. Culinary salts form around the world, fair trade baskets filled with locally made goodies like soaps, jams, syrup… and remember to support you local shops this season, buy USA made when possible as this helps keep economy vibrant.

January: The Bedroom. Winter is long in this part of the world, although it may be debated which month feels the longest there is no doubt that January is a doozy, with the holidays behind us and February and March still ahead, It’s great time to sleep and to create a chemical free space in the bedroom. To start choose natural fiber curtains or shades, if possible, have bare wood, tile or cork floors and use area rugs made from untreated wool. Introduce a few plants to naturally filter the air, when re-painting use natural paints like Milkpaint, Biosheild or use a natural clay finish like American Clay plaster. Furniture should be crafted from real solid wood and avoid pressboard and plywood, mattresses and bedding should be made from natural and organic materials which breathe to help keep your sleep system dry and clean. Avoid synthetic fabrics and foams made from petroleum-based elements which outgas chemicals and harbor dust mites. Eliminating or reducing toxins in your bedroom is a great way to create a nighttime healing space.

February: Get up get out enjoy the snow! Spring is soon on the horizon and we can begin to think about the summer garden, order seeds and plan summer projects but don’t forget to get out and enjoy the crisp clean feel that winter offers – ski, walk, snowshoe… And, if traveling to warmer climates or western ski areas this winter, remember before you leave to unplug all non-essential appliances, turn H2O heater to lowest setting, turn the heat down and choose resort destinations that take energy and “green” considerations into mind.

Jessica Goldblatt Barber is the owner of Interiors Green, The Home & Living Store, located on Main Street in Bethlehem NH. For more info, stop by or visit 

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