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Hydro supporters show up at the State house if you can!

We just learned that Senate Natural Resources will be hearing S 190 this Friday

Stop by and listen if you can!
Hydro supporters show up at the State house if you can! if you can’t then WRITE (see contacts and sample letter below)

Sen. Illuzzi would like you to know he will testify on S. 190 in Senate Nat Res./rm 8 this Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 11:45 am.

One constituent wrote:

Dear Legislators,
As you consider priorities for 2010 I would like to voice my concern of the need for major improvements to our current approval process for micro hydro power in the State of Vermont.
With the combined pressures of a depressed economy, difficult state energy re-licensing realities, and the many environmental and political dead ends linked to fossil fuel dependence, there has never been a more important or appropriate time to encourage small-scale, local and renewable energy sources like micro hydro.  Renewable energy is most cost-effective and reliable when matched well to a region’s resources and Vermont’s water power resource is excellent.  Finally, new turbine and intake technologies have made possible micro hydro systems that do not require impoundments that could degrade other natural resources of our streams.
Despite these reasons for encouraging micro hydro development in Vermont, the current process continues to provide far more disincentives – primarily in terms of the cost, time, and complexity of project review and permitting.
For these reasons, I support S.190, introduced in January by Senator Illuzzi, which establishes a general permit for the certification of hydroelectric projects.

Contact the following:
Senator Virginia “Ginny” Lyons, Chair, Senator Mark MacDonald, Vice Chair, Senator Richard McCormack, Senator Diane Snelling), Senator Margaret Flory

E-mail addresses of Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee members:,,,,,,,

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