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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Hello world! This is Green Energy Times!

G.E.T. is a compilation of what you need to know so YOU will make that move to energy independence in YOUR life! …from solar, wind power, hydro, incentives, funding + the latest news about our new president’s advances towards it all… green tips, building green + retrofitting and lessening one’s carbon footprint, stories about those doing it & how well it all works… + most important, to make it easier for the residents & businesses in this area to take that step to be energy independent.

The time is NOW! The tax incentives are in place federally & in most states, you can save even more, so you can save a minimum of 40% off an alternative energy system in the state of VT…
& even more in many other states.

Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) will do the research – so you can make an educated decision & easily move yourself in the right direction.

G.E.T. is directly targeted at the communities in Central, Eastern VT + Western NH … including MontPelier, Waitsfield, Windsor – Ludwig….  & our website will make this info available to the world.
The quarterly guide’s mission is so anyone can make an informed decision to move into alternative energy for themselves.

The Green Energy Times is designed, utilizing 100% solar, off-grid with a 3.8 kW PV system.

Premier Issue is coming out Spring, 2009!!!

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