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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 17 Green Energy News


“Missing The Big Picture About California’s Low Electric Bills Again” Despite all the facts, the myth that Californians pay a lot of money for their electricity every month continues to be perpetuated. This time around, it was a Forbes blog contributor who fell for the same misconception. [Energy Collective]


In Australia, the Victorian […]

October 20 Green Energy News


“Is France’s Love Affair with Nuclear Over?” During the next 11 years, France will reduce the percentage of electricity coming from nuclear from 75% to 50%. To do that, estimates are that as many as 20 of France’s 58 reactors would have to be closed and replaced with efficiency and renewable sources of power. […]

September 2 Green Energy News


“The Upcoming Crisis for Fortis Inc and TransAlta Corporation” Power generators aren’t nearly as safe as investors think they are. What’s the upcoming crisis? It’s solar energy. The risk is that you and I will put solar panels on our roofs. [The Motley Fool Canada]

Science and Technology:

A team at the University of […]

August 18 Green Energy News


Leading investment bank Citigroup has painted an incredibly bright future for solar energy across the globe, arguing that its rapid expansion will be driven by “pure economics” and the growing need for diversity. [CleanTechnica] Tropikwood Industries Limited and a Korean company Gimco have formed a joint venture to launch a $35 million Biomass plant […]

July 13 Green Energy News


A geothermal project valued at $958 million was approved by the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly last week. Over $600 million of the total will potentially be funded by two sources: the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and European Investment Bank. [CleanTechnica] Singapore-based wind and solar energy developer The Blue Circle and Bangkok-based renewable energy group […]

May 17 Green Energy News


Germany’s state incentives for solar storage systems are entering their second year. Since the program was launched last May, around 4,000 solar batteries have been received low-interest loans totaling roughly €66 million and subsidies exceeding €10 million. [Renewable Energy Magazine] Last year Japan invested more than any other country in solar energy. In 2013, […]