Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2017 Articles Online

Front Page

 1  Warner, New Hampshire
 1  Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is a Winner
 1  The Cost of Denial

Page 2 – Editor’s page

 2  Green Energy News You May Have Missed

News and Views – Carbon Campaign

 3  Removing Barriers to Expanding Renewable Energy Generation in Vermont
 3  Community News Links For Your City or Town and You!

Transportation Solutions

 4  Conversion of Combustion Engines To Hybrid/Plug-ins
 5  The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Arrives
 6  Contemporary Automotive Relocates

Energy News

 7  ACEEE Introduces State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Solar Photovoltaics

 8  Renewable Energy Leading the U.S. Employment Growth
 9  Power When the Grid Goes Down
 10  Montpelier is Finalist in National Competition
 11  Funding Available for NY Communities
 11  Ten Action Steps for Sustainability
 11  Keep Your Solar Installations Tax-Free in NY
 12  NH Solar Shares Over the Top
 13  Andover Town Offices Move Toward Net Zero

Renewable Energy

 14  U.S. Renewable Electricity Grows 14.7%
 14  Omaha Saving $ by Switching From Nukes to Wind
 15  ACEEE Report: New data, same results
 15  What the End of Oil Looks Like

Business and Financial

 18  The Race to the Top in Home Energy Performance Data
 18  UV Green Real Estate Network Launches in January
 19  Energy Financing Available Through VEDA
 19  Google – 100% Renewable

Feature – Sustainable Cities

 21  Ten More Cities Across America Commit To Going 100% Renewable

Heating & Cooling

 22  Responsible, Affordable, Light Industrial Heating with Wood Biomass
 23  The Vermont Bun Baker
 24  Advanced Wood Heating: REV’s 5-Year Plan

Climate News

 24  We Can Warm Our Homes Without Warming the Planet!
 25  Robbing Our Children’s Future
 25  Vermont Research Climate Change News

Building & Energy Efficiency

 26  A New Metric for Tracking Net-zero Energy Codes 
 27  Weatherizing The Upper Valley
 28  Understanding the Sustainable Supply Chain
 29  Burlington 2030 Created To Address Climate Change
 30  Snow On Your Roof – Do You Treat the Symptom or the Cause?


 31  New Record Levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
 31  Tesla Keeps On Truckin’

Sustainable Education

 32  Dartmouth’s Clean Energy Transition
 32  The Largest School Solar in Vermont
 33  Hawaii Maui College on Track to be 1st Net-zero College

Ingredient of the Month

 35  Ingredient of the Month – Intent

Sustainable Agriculture

 36  Elmore Roots – How to Fly

Green Life – Permaculture

 37  Five Ways to Cut Down on Post-Holiday Food Scraps
 38  Sustainability is Rising at Local Ski Slopes
 39  Stand Up for Snow!