Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2016 Articles Online

Front Page

 1  Climate Change Has Impacts on Hunting Heritage in the Northeast
 1  Cape Light Compact Goes 100% Renewable
 1  Is China Being Given World Leadership?

Page 2 – Editor’s page

 3  Can the US cut its energy use in half by 2050?

News and Views – Carbon Campaign

 3  Canada Joins Lengthening List of Countries Putting a Price on Carbon
 3  Samso Island, Denmark – A Carbon-free Success Story


 4  Electric Vehicles in Winter
 5  Electric Vehicle Usage Advances in New England
 5  Alternative Fuel Corridors Include I-89 and I-91 in VT
 6  The Road to Clean Air

Energy News

 7  Increasing Access to Clean Energy for all Granite Staters

Solar Photovoltaics

 8  Going Solar-Do Your Due Diligence
 10  A New Solar Farm in Williston
 11  Solar For All! Low-Income Solar is Here!
 12  1st Solar with Storage at A Zero Energy Rental Development!
 13  Exeter, NH Lumber Goes Solar
 14  From Dirty Coal to Solar Power

Renewable Energy

 14  By the Way: Heat Pumps Are Not Necessarily Free from Fossil Fuels
 15  This Unique Combo of Wind And Hydro Power Could Revolutionize Renewable Energy
 18  ViZn Flow Batteries
 19  Can We Save Fossil Fuels? Really? And why would we want to?


 20  The Alchemist Brewery
 21  Nansen Ski Club Adds Warming Hut That Will Stand the Test of Time

Heating & Cooling

 22  The Impacts of Wood Burning

Climate News

 24  San Francisco Bans Fossil Fuels!
 24  Vermont Research Climate Change News
 25  One World Is Ending. Start Working On the Next.
 25  It’s Time to Invest in Cities

Building & Energy Efficiency

 26  Proctor Academy Continues To Blaze Sustainable Path
 27  Weatherize Upper Valley Kicks Off: January 2017
 28  Building Codes and Climate
 29  Going Green in Tamworth, New Hampshire

Business and Financial

 30  Green Revolving Funds Transform Opportunities
 30  GreenBanc

Finance & Energy Efficiency

 31  Interior Lighting Campaign Nets $13.5 Million in Energy Savings in 1st Year
 31  Commons Energy Offers New Approach for Public Purpose Buildings to Save Energy
 32  Solar Is Booming • Costs Keep Falling

Sustainable Eduction

 33  Loss and Damage at COP22
 33  Ways Higher Education Institutions Can Go Green

Climate News

 35  Testing Your Water for Contaminants

Sustainable Agriculture

 36  Residential and Community Scale Biogas: A Missing Link

Ingredient of the Month

 37  Hush Up and Eat Your Shea Butter!

It’s a Green Life After All

 37  Holidays Add One Million Tons of Waste
 38  G.E.T. Comfortable with Green Mattresses
 39  Baa-baa black sheep … Have you any wool: pillows?

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