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Woodstock Town Manager Leaves Lasting Legacy of Clean Energy

Woodstock, VT – With the completion of a rooftop solar project in nearby White River Junction, Woodstock, Vermont, is offsetting its Town electricity bills at all its municipal facilities with clean, renewable solar net metering credits. The project was championed by Town Manager Phil Swanson, who recently lost his long, courageous battle with leukemia.

The Town of Woodstock has been working for several years to increase its sustainability practices, increase local clean energy production, improve its environmental footprint, and reduce the financial cost of town energy usage.

Woodstock worked with Norwich Solar Technologies to enter into an agreement to buy solar credits from the RSD rooftop solar project at substantial monetary savings – all without upfront capital costs to the Town. The 25-year solar agreement provides Woodstock with immediate and long-term savings on their electricity costs while bringing more local clean energy generation to Vermont.

The project is sited on the roof of the RSD Transportation warehouse facility in White River Junction. Norwich Solar Technologies worked with the owners and operators of the building to lease a portion of their 220,000 square foot rooftop for hosting this Town of Woodstock solar project.

RSD provides warehouse facilities for general commodities, wood pulp, rolled paper, dry goods, and beverages. RSD also provides transportation services throughout New England and the Eastern Seaboard west to the Mississippi River and operates over 50 tractors and 125 trailers.

RSD is an early adopter of solar with a 10-year-old array for their own needs and is pleased to host additional new solar for the Town of Woodstock.

Projected Year 1 Savings                                                                    $13,600+

Projected 25 Year Savings for Washington County Mental Health   $568,000+

Average yearly usage: 591,322 kWh/year at Sewage Treatment Facilities, 153,094 kWh/year at EMS, Garage, & Town Hall Facilities, 744,416 kWh/year in total.

The system will provide local solar credits to the town’s sewer/wastewater treatment facilities, town hall, fire & EMS building, and the highway maintenance garage.

Environmental benefits are significant, with greatly reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions equivalent to 14 million lbs. of CO2 removed from the atmosphere, 162,000 trees planted, and 26 million miles not driven by a standard car.

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