Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 16 Green Energy News

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“Environment Canada Says It Can Now Rapidly Link High-Heat Weather Events To Climate Change” • Environment and Climate Change Canada says it can now quickly identify links between events of extreme heat and climate change. It can estimate the degree to which human-induced climate change played a role within a week. [CBC] […]

June 15 Green Energy News

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“Extra Moisture On West Coast Allowing Climate-Sensitive Joshua Trees To Recover: Experts” • Populations of the iconic Joshua tree may be showing signs of recovery after several rounds of atmospheric rivers drenched the West – including deserts in California and Colorado – with record amounts of rain over the past year and […]

June 14 Green Energy News

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“Florida Meteorologists Integrate Climate Change Insights Into Weather Forecasts” • Jeff Berardelli, the chief meteorologist at WFLA-TV in Tampa, dedicates the ‘Berardelli Bonus,‘ a daily segment, to discuss climate-related topics. His approach reflects a broader movement among meteorologists to put context for the weather patterns. [One Green Planet]

Weather (Raquel […]

June 13 Green Energy News

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“US DOE Welcomes New Round Of Innovative Leaders To Peer-Learning Cohorts On Emerging Clean Energy Strategies” • The US DOE announced a new round of leaders from 45 entities that will collaborate on common clean energy opportunities and challenges through the Clean Energy to Communities program’s peer-learning cohorts. [CleanTechnica]

Bean […]

June 12 Green Energy News

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“Key Bills Head For Veto Override Votes Next Monday” • The Vermont Legislature will reconvene next week on June 17th to vote on whether or not to override the governor’s vetoes of two important environmental bills, and possibly a third. Each will require a two-thirds majority of votes in support for the […]

June 11 Green Energy News

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“Maui Kūihelani Solar-Plus-Storage Has Begun Generating Electricity” • AES Hawaiʻi commenced operations on Hawaii’s largest solar facility – Kūihelani Solar-plus-Storage on Maui – a project generating enough power for 27,000 homes at 8¢/kWh, the lowest renewable energy cost in the state, according to a company announcement. [Maui Now]

Kuihelani Solar-plus-Storage […]

June 10 Green Energy News

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“Agrivoltaics Hitches A Ride On The Community Solar Train” • The SunSmart Ames Community Solar Project in Ames, Iowa, is a good example of a community solar project that incorporates agrivoltaics for additional benefits. SunSmart was commissioned in 2020. Since that time, it has started to employ fifty sheep to keep the […]

June 9 Green Energy News

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“Agrivoltaic Solar Arrays Will Win The Rural Solar War, With Insects” • The war against solar power is erupting in rural areas across the US, but evidence increasingly supports agrivoltaics as an effective way to benefit crops and preserve insect populations, too. New York State has seen enough evidence to kickstart an […]

June 8 Green Energy News

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“New Steps to Advance Offshore Wind Progress in Maryland” • The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Maryland to support the coordinated development of wind energy generation offshore Maryland, the Department of Interior announced. [CleanTechnica]

Offshore windfarm (Jesse […]

June 7 Green Energy News

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“Viking Achieves First Power” • First power has been produced at the 443-MW Viking wind farm on Shetland island, Scotland. The milestone comes as Shetland gears up to be fully connected to the GB electricity transmission grid for the first time. The 260 km Shetland High Voltage Direct Current subsea cable project […]