Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Wind Turbine Technologies Advance with Recyclable Blades

Siemens Gamesa SG-14-222 turbine. (Siemens Gamesa)

George Harvey

The wind turbines that generate electricity for power grids are not small. In fact, they are gigantic. The largest have blades that are a good deal longer than a football field, including end zones. And, of course, they weigh quite a lot. They […]

Nuclear Power Won’t Save the World

It Won’t Even Help

San Onofre nuclear plant (awnisALAN, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Originally published at Green Energy Times.

By George Harvey

An old paradigm

The electricity most of us use comes from a system that was designed mostly over a hundred years ago. It was built around concepts […]

SUN DAY Campaign Mid-Year Report

Solar and Wind Increase 16% and Retain Status as Fastest Growing Sources of U.S. Electricity. They Now Provide Over One-Eight of Total Generation, as All Renewable Sources Combined Continue to Expand Their Lead Over coal and Nuclear Power.

Washington DC – Renewable energy sources (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) produced significantly more electricity than […]

Wind Power Does Not Cause Global Warming

And two Harvard researchers did not suggest it does.

Image: Flickr (nate2b)

George Harvey

Two Harvard researchers published an article on wind power that drew rapid reactions from the press. A widespread interpretation of the articles by media was that they had shown that wind turbines somehow cause climate change. That […]

Windpower Does Not Cause Global Warming

And two Harvard researchers did not suggest it does.

Open house at Georgia Mountain, Vermont

George Harvey

Two Harvard researchers published a paper on wind power that drew a rapid reactions from the press. A widely expressed interpretation of the paper in media articles was that they had shown that wind […]

We Have a Problem

By George Harvey

The status quo is widepread environmental destruction. We have all the solutions we need, but some people prefer the status quo. For now, they are getting their way.

Populations of black-footed kittiwakes have declined nearly 80% since the 1980s. (RSPB photo)

We have a problem. The bad […]

Wind Turbine Tours

Swanton Wind LLC to Hold Public Informational Meeting

Area Residents have Opportunity to Talk Directly with Wind Project Experts

Swanton, VT – Swanton Wind LLC, a wind energy development company owned by the Belisle family of Swanton, today announced its plans to hold a public informational meeting to share details of the electric generation wind farm on Rocky Ridge in Swanton. The meeting […]

Windpower – Don’t be Fooled

A New Wind Farm in Swanton, Vermont

By George Harvey

Some debate has been developing over a wind farm in the town of Swanton, Vermont. Whenever I consider of such a debate, I think of an old Lily Tomlin skit in which she plays Edith Ann, a bratty five-year-old, who forcefully asserts that […]

Cornell Adds in Black Oak Wind Farm’s Energy

By Blaine Friedlander, Cornell Chronicle


Making a stride toward reducing carbon emissions, Cornell University has agreed to purchase all electricity generated by the proposed Black Oak Wind Farm in Enfield, New York, which is pending municipal approvals. This purchase represents 20% of the university’s total annual electricity […]