Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Latest on Electric Pickup Trucks

Rivian R1T. Photo © 2020 Andi Hedrick, courtesy of Rivian

George Harvey

Tesla is a success story that has so far been almost unbelievable. Tesla’s first car was first produced in 2009. In December of 2020, CNBC ran a story explaining that the market value of Tesla was greater than the […]

We Need to Mobilize

Summer is in full-swing in Vermont. Gardens are planted. Farmers are making hay. Neighbors, families, and friends gather for barbecues and head to swimming holes and rivers. Light lingers in the long twilights of our northern latitude. The green of the Green Mountain state seems especially intense this year, thanks to early rains and […]

Incentive Updates

Great news – the State of Vermont is making progress on an incentive program for new electric car purchases! The annual transportation bill (H. 529) recently passed the Legislature and is expected to be signed by the governor. This bill included at least $1.1 million toward electric car incentives for Vermont households. Incentives […]