Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Funding Opportunity


Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 2016 Funding Opportunity Coming Soon

With an emphasis on residential buildings, the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) open-topic funding opportunity focuses on projects related to innovations and further technology development. The Building Technologies Office (BTO) Emerging Technologies Program has issued a notice of […]

Webinar: Waste Gas to Vehicle Fuel

Converting Biogas into Vehicle Fuel

Event Date: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Join us for a free one-hour webinar that will describe how municipalities and commercial enterprises around the world are converting biogas from wastewater treatment plants, landfills and organic waste into fuel for their light-duty and heavy-duty CNG fleets.


Which energy source makes the most sense?

DearVermont Senators:

With our state budget facing significant challenges and our global ecosystems being increasingly challenged by higher greenhouse gas levels, it is vitally important that we spend our limited first electric grid dollars in a way which best solves our urgent combined clean energy and environmental cleanup needs. This is not to say we […]

LEDdynamics – Vermont Lighting Manufacturer

By George Harvey

Vermont can boast that in addition to ski slopes, dairy farms, and its other attractions, it has a lighting manufacturer at the leading edge of technology. LEDdynamics is based in Randolph, Vermont. A prominent statement at their web site tells us clearly what they have achieved in their field: “It’s Easy Being […]

Call it the greening of Wall Street

Banks Look to Burnish Their Images by Backing Green Technology Firms

Repost from New York Times 06112012

In the wake of a $30 billion commitment to new environmental investments by Wells Fargo in April and a $40 billion promise from Goldman Sachs this month, Bank of America will announce a 10-year, $50 billion initiative of […]

Seeking Disclosure on Fracking

Repost from New York Times 5/30/12

AUSTIN, TEXAS — As the controversial oil and gas drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing continues to spread, governments around the world are grappling with how to regulate it. What should happen to the waste after the process, called fracking, ends? What taxes should oil and natural gas companies […]