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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Growing the Food We Eat Without Poisons

One option to keep the weeds down in both large and small spaces include GardenMats which are made in Vermont. Courtesy photos.

By N.R. Mallery

Many of us think a product is safe because the manufacturer says so. Monsanto says Roundup is safe, but the state of California and […]

Under-stories: Growing Fruits and Nuts in a Small Space

By David Fried

What if you could grow nine types of fruits and nuts in the space that you would need to turn around with your arms outstretched? If you have one spot in your yard where you can do this and it gets at least one half to three quarters of a day of […]

Residential and Community Scale Biogas – A Missing Link

Biogas generation. Here is a 52 °C thermophile anaerobic digestion system converting putrescible residual organic matter (i.e. brown trays), organic residues from slaugtherhouse activities and biosludge from wastewater treatment plants to energy. Image:

By Lonnie Coplen, LEEDAP, CPHC

Biogas is a combustible gas composed largely of methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen […]

Berries From Other Lands

by David Fried

It is now possible to grow delicious and nutritious berries in Vermont that people in other countries have been raving about for years.

In Sweden in the 1970’s, I worked on a farm where wooden clogs were worn in the kitchen where we enjoyed a meal of flatbread and a yogurt topped […]

Backyard Elderberries

Low-maintenance elderberries for an effortless, bountiful harvest.

Fruit of the native elderberry. Photo by D. Fried.

By David Fried of Elmore Roots

Using our experience from 36 years of growing elderberries on a rugged hillside, in Elmore, Vermont, Zone 3, we offer this effortless recipe for a successful start to a fruitful ending, […]

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture, Local Food, and Vulnerable Communities

Credit: Cooper Phyllis, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

By Jennifer Wilhelm

NASA scientists report that 2015 is expected to be the hottest year on record. The summer and the months of September and October were the hottest recorded, but what does a global temperature increase of half a degree mean for the food […]

Growing Through the Winter

AERO Mobil garden is designed to bring a fresh harvest of vegetables, herbs, and fruits to the kitchen from the convenience of a patio or porch. Photos by Anne Coleman

By Kathleen Puffer

Winter is coming. It is time for the annual hibernation to begin. Squirrels bury the last few nuts to […]

Permaculture At Elmore Roots: Apple Cultivars

By David Fried

Photo taken at Elmore Roots by D. Fried.

“Apple scruffs, apple scruffs, how I love you, how I love you” – George Harrison

It’s been raining apples since August. I can barely walk across the hill.

Dark red, pink blush, yellow and crimson striped, […]

Winter is for Designing the Garden of Your Dreams

A front garden instead of a lawn, complete with perennial greens, annual veggies, culinary herbs, medicinal plants, flowers, and berries such as honeyberry, gooseberry, alpine strawberry, and gojiberry. Photo Credit Kay Cafasso

By Kay Cafasso

If you are looking back on the last growing season discouraged that you still do not […]

Planting Edible Landscapes for a Sustainable Food System

Painting by Gabriel Tempesta, courtesy of David Fried

By David Fried

As you walk the hills and valleys of Vermont you will see apples, hazelnuts, butternuts, rhubarb, raspberries, juneberries and the occasional plum or pear tree. Almost every home, every farm, every road has some of these fruits and nuts growing. Long before […]