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Vermont Bans Food Waste from Landfills

Bulldozer at Coventry landfill. Photo: Jonny Finity.

By Clare Innes

Why does Vermont care what you do with your food scraps?

It all started about a jillion years ago, when cave-dwelling humans needed somewhere to dump their leftovers. They tossed their banana peels into a hole in the ground and called it […]

Seven ways to keep your holiday spirit out of the landfill

1. Say NO! to artificial Christmas trees. Here’s why:

The average artificial tree lasts 6 to 9 years but will remain in a landfill for centuries. Think a real tree poses a greater fire hazard? Think again. Artificial trees are made with polyvinyl chloride, which often uses lead as a stabilizer, making it toxic to […]

Vermont unveils new recycling, composting, and trash symbols

Last year, the Vermont Legislature passed Act 148, which phases in recycling and composting as the law of the land. This week, state officials celebrated America Recycles Day by unveiling a set of symbols that will be used throughout the state to help businesses, residents, and visitors alike know what goes where when it […]

CSWD in September:

News Flash! Green Mountain Compost update

By Jen Baer, GMC Sales and Production Coordinator

Here’s where we’ve been: In June of 2012 we discovered that our compost contained trace amounts of persistent herbicides that affected a number of gardens. In response, Green Mountain Compost (GMC) immediately halted sales and launched a customer-directed response, documenting damages […]

The CSWD Rover is coming to towns in Chittenden County!

The Rover is the mobile household hazardous waste collection unit that hibernates at the Environmental Depot, CSWD’s year-round hazardous waste collection facility in South Burlington. While the Depot takes hazardous materials all year long, the Rover will stop once in each town from July 6 to October 26, 2013.

The Rover accepts household hazardous waste […]

Chittenden Solid Waste District in April

April is Compost Month!

What makes your garbage smelly? Food scraps. What helps plants grow tall and strong? Food scraps! Yep, those same food scraps some of you are still sending to the landfill are actually a source of valuable nutrients. We have dubbed the month of April “Compost […]