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Winter Cooking in the Solar Oven:

Solavore Smokin’ Chili

Blue sky, fresh snow, and sunshine…winter days are meant for outside play. And why not outside cooking, too? Solar cooking works on the rays of the sun, not the ambient outdoor temperature. Snow on the ground? All the better – it actually works like a big reflector. So strap on snowshoes, set […]

Holiday Cooking – with the Sun!

A day of blue sky and sunshine in the middle of December is to be celebrated. And you’ve never celebrated the sun like you do when you cook with a solar oven. Even as we approach the shortest day in the year, there’s still enough sun for this month’s quick-prep, no-fail recipe. […]

Sweet Potato & Apple Animal Crackers

By Seventh Generation •

As the kids head back to school, finding new snacks to keep lunchboxes exciting can be a challenge. Our homemade version of a childhood favorite features sweet potato, applesauce and honey for a sweet treat that doesn’t pack the same amount of sodium and sugar processed versions do. Give them […]

Simple Sauerkraut

by Jessica Goldblatt Barber

Sauerkraut originates in Germany and consists of lacto-fermented cabbage. A few trivial facts: Explorer James Cook was well known to bring vitamin C-rich sauerkraut in his travels to prevent the men from suffering from scurvy. During World War I American companies renamed sauerkraut “liberty cabbage,” a bit like today’s “freedom fries.”


Green Shots – Lacto-fermentation

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

In this issue’s “Green Shots” and its organic homemaking tips I want to bring it into the kitchen and talk about the art of lacto-fermentation: The work goes faster than water-bath or pressure canning. The process (and storage) can be done with zero energy usage.

Lacto-fermentation has been used for centuries […]

Winter Harvest Squash for Thanksgiving

Use any winter squash that you may have grown — such as Delicata, Butternut, Acorn… or this one that was our ‘Mystery Squash’, that appears to be a cross between Delicata and a Pumpkin. … We are calling them Pumpinatas.

Cut in slices, tossed with olive oil and salt. Cover and roast in a 350º […]