Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter From the Editor-Publisher


Here we are about to welcome 2023! The climate is still changing faster than we are getting our emissions down. Winter is here — as we continue to deal with the high costs for fuel — for heating and at the gas pumps. There ARE solutions. We again bring them to […]

Kudos to the Green Energy Times Team Helping G.E.T. Save the Planet

G.E.T. Team Sustainability: George Harvey

George Harvey recording Energy Week with George Harvey and Tom Finnell at the BCTV studio in Brattleboro, Vermont.

George Harvey has been writing for Green Energy Times for over ten years. He has put G.E.T.’s news blog posts up daily since 2013.

His interest in energy […]

Letter From the Editor

What crazy times we are living in! The climate is changing faster than scientists thought, sea levels are rising, and storm systems are stronger and more frequent than in the past. Then, we have an impending winter just ahead of us with the ever-increasing costs for fuel to get around or to heat our […]

Kudos to Our Awesome Team

The DIY Solar array that Michelle and her husband installed in their backyard. (Courtesy photo)

G.E.T. Staff

Michelle Harrison is G.E.T.’s Coordinating Director and Advertising Sales Representative.

Asked about her experience, she told us, “Since working with Green Energy Times, I have learned a lot about living sustainably. My […]

Kudos to Our Awesome Team

Michael Daley in front of the 450 square-foot off-grid house he and Jessie Haas have lived in for almost 40 years. Electricity comes from the single 100-watt panel. The smaller panel is no longer operating. (Photo: Jessie Haas)

G.E.T. Staff

Michael J. Daley and Jessie Haas, writers for G.E.T., live in a 450 […]

Kudos to Our Awesome Team

Helping Green Energy Times Save the Planet

Snow is an amazing insulating blanket on the Whitchurchs’ almost flat roof. Barb stands on the path where Greg removes snow from the panels and “stores” it upslope on the roof.

Over past issues, we have been looking at how the Green Energy Times team […]

G.E.T. Team Helps Save the Planet

Plumbing for the water jacket at the back of the woodstove. The white wire is a temp. probe. (Photos: Dave Petzel)

All of us at Green Energy Times are proud of the fact that our volunteers and workers do their part. Our feeling is that if everyone were as conscience as they […]

Earth Day 2022

While every day is Earth Day at Green Energy Times, we are always happy to see the renewed focus come as April 22nd approaches every year. The first Earth Day happened on that date in 1970. In April, we see schools, communities, and businesses celebrate in their own ways to help protect our […]

Green Energy Times Distribution Team Helps GET Save the Planet

All of us at Green Energy Times are proud of the fact that our volunteers and workers do their part. Here are three more examples of their own stories.

The Kropowski’s 20kWsolar system is enough to power the house, geothermal heating and cooling and 35 miles of electric driving per day. (Courtesy […]

Green Energy Times’ Team Helps Save the Planet

Green Energy Times staff

We at Green Energy Times are working to save the planet. Sometime the most important thing we can do is to get the word out. We let people know about the needs we see and the solutions we believe are the most important. For those messages, we try to cover everything […]