Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Social and Environmental Justice

September 10, 2020

By James Hansen

We older people are leaving young people a tough row to hoe. So when they figure out something on their own, the best thing that we can do is support their efforts.

That’s the philosophy that Dan Miller and I had in writing the op-ed below (A Socially and […]

A socially and environmentally just way to fight climate change

September 9, 2020

By James E. Hansen And Daniel H. Miller, Opinion Contributors

A majority of the public is in favor of action on climate change, and putting a fee or tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels is generally accepted — including among conservatives — as a key method for reducing greenhouse gas […]

Op-Ed : National Grid Needs to Come Clean

I’m writing to comment on National Grid’s tactics regarding its proposed E37/Albany Loop fracked gas pipeline. It has been reported that National Grid has asked local government officials and leaders of development agencies to submit testimony to the Public Service Commission (PSC) concerning this proposed fracked gas pipeline extension. Many of the solicited individuals did […]

The Energy Efficiency Gap & The Research Myth

Reposted from CleanTechnica:

Every time energy policy is being discussed, you’ll usually find a call for more R&D spending at the top of the list of ways to solve problems. While I agree that research is great, it’s obviously not enough and, if anything, only the first step.

Unfortunately, calls for more […]