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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Concord Housing Authority Building Retrofit

To Save Energy, Money and Improve Comfort

Crane lifting units to the rooftop. (Dana Nute, President of Resilient Buildings Group)

George Harvey

There is a point where managing a project is not something that can be done on the back of an envelope. The large-scale heating system for the Crutchfield Apartments in Concord, […]

A Net-Zero Multi-Family Community

Ariel view of the net-zero multi-family community in Newburyport, MA. Credit: Hall and Moskow

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

We’ve lived two miles back into the woods on a dirt road in north central Vermont for several decades now. In our experience, some people move to this area, build a long driveway, and […]

The Skin of Our Teeth

John Bos

The program book cover John Bos designed for the play, The Skin of Our Teeth, as publicity director for Arena Stage in Washington, DC in 1965. (Courtesy photo)

The phrase Thornton Wilder used for the title of his play, The Skin of Our Teeth, comes from the King James Bible, Job […]

Carbon, Cars and Canaries

Flames approaching Highway 50 during Caldor Fire in California. (Adobe Stock Photos/kcapaldo)

Randy Bryan

This is my final regular column for Green Energy Times discussing electric vehicles in New Hampshire. I am signing off with some regret as the issues around driving electric in NH only get larger and more important. In parting, […]

IPCC – Solution Consensus: A Price on Carbon Is Required

John and Katharine Gage

Climate Science and Politics

The recently released (August 2021) Sixth Assessment Report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provides the most definitive statement about global warming science can offer. It is unequivocal that the consequences of human-caused climate change are widespread, rapid, and intensifying. The […]

Efficiency Maine Introduces Funding Opportunity

for Long-Term Care Facilities to Upgrade Heating, Lighting, and Refrigeration

Efficiency Maine has introduced a limited-time promotion that will help long-term care facilities across the state upgrade their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), LED lighting, and refrigeration systems to high-efficiency equipment.

The offer launched on October 1, 2021, with an application deadline of January […]

Historic Home in New York Goes 100% Renewable Energy

Exemplary Clifton Park, NY net-zero retrofit is equipped with solar, geothermal, high efficiency building envelop and much more.

Historic home gets a 100% renewable energy retrofit in Clifton Park, NY. (Courtesy photo)

Joe Parsons

Paul and Joanne Coons had envisioned taking a vacant historic farmhouse in Clifton Park, New York, and making it […]

Contractor Spotlight: GSK Climate Control, Inc.

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s (EEN) New Ground-source Heat Pump Group

Interview with Greg Kristiansen, President of GSK Climate Control, Inc.

G.E.T. Staff

Efficiency Vermont started a new ground-source heat pump technology sector for its Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN). The first member is GSK Climate Control, Inc. A spotlight on this company was […]

Froling Energy’s New Dry Wood Chip Processing Plant

Froling’s new precision dried wood chip facility in Keene, NH (All courtesy photos)

Jim Van Valkenburgh

Froling Energy just celebrated the grand opening of their new precision-dried wood chips (PDC) processing plant in Keene, New Hampshire where they have both expanded their output of dry chips and improved their processes. The goals for […]

Accepting Innovation and Change – What’s the Process?

New technology such as the solar panels or electric vehicle shown here, increases the likelihood that someone near you will adapt similar technology. Photo by Dave Petzel.

Janis Petzel, MD

People accept new ideas at different rates. We see this clearly in current events involving both climate change and Covid vaccines. Some people […]