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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Nashua, N.H. Student Honored

by White House and EPA

White House Council on Environmental Quality Acting Chair Michael Boots, former President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) winner and current EPA intern Apoorva Rangan, Administrator Gina McCarthy, new PEYA winner May Wang, new PEYA award winner Deepika Kurup, and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director John […]

Greenest School List – Plymouth State University

Sierra Club Names Plymouth State One of America’s Greenest Schools

PSU students are involved in numerous environmental awareness and advocacy activities, including reducing the use of plastic water bottles on campus. Studies show 86% of water bottles sold in the US are not recycled, and are either incinerated or end up in landfills.


Solving the Global Water Crisis

NH Student Wins Award

Deepika Kurup is a 2013-2014 National Winner selected by the Environmental Protection Agency from region 1, in New Hampshire.

Deepika developed a green and sustainable method to purify water. She increased public and youth awareness of what an indispensable natural resource clean and safe water is to all.

After much research, […]

Burr and Burton Academy’s Hill Campus

Mountain Campus Boasts Sustainability

By George Harvey

Burr and Burton Academy is an independent coeducational secondary in the Manchester, Vermont area. Most of the school’s 700 students are from towns in the Manchester area. Founded in 1829, Burr and Burton has a long history. Today, it has a very diverse range of academic courses. The […]

Idle-Free Schools

Idling awareness will be raised in the school community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy, and protect student health. The project also seeks to increase the number of Vermont schools with official no-idling guidelines by 35 more schools.

Vermont Idle-Free Schools will work with various educators ,as well as other stakeholders in the school […]

Harvesting Seeds to Save

Containers of seeds drying in the living room

By Sylvia Davatz

The gardening season is drawing to a close, and by now the downstairs living space of any self-respecting seed saver is carpeted with flats and dishes of drying seeds awaiting final cleaning, sorting, labeling, and storing, so full of promise for the […]

Emerging Fields in Bioenergy

Sunflowers Crops – An emerging source of renewable energy

By Rachel Carter

Sunflowers are grown on several Vermont farms and then harvested for their oilseeds, which are then converted to biodiesel and livestock feed. Sunflower or oilseed biodiesel helps farmers lower fuel and feed costs, explore feed and fertilizer co-products, be more self-sufficient, and rely […]

Elmore Roots – Exotics

Unique fruits you CAN grow in the northeast!

Northern kiwi fruits. Photos courtesy of David Fried

By David Fried

So you always wanted to grow unique and unusual delicious fruits in the north, but didn’t know if you could? Here is an introduction to what we can grow all over the northeast. Like […]

Near Zero Maine Home

Source:, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. Photos courtesy of Thomas Fullam

From the US DOE

“It can’t be done.” Those words were enough to motivate Tom Fullam of Vassalboro, Maine, to build his first high-performance house, which earned him a 2011 silver Energy Value Housing Award from the National Association […]

Low Hanging Fruit – Stop the Heat Loss

– Where to Start

A Blower Door Tests Air Leakage. Photos courtesy of Mark Boudreau.

What is an energy audit, why is it important and why it’s the starting point for any upgrades you make?

Your house loses heat in a way similar to how your body does. Here is the analogy, explained..