Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Keeping Up with Local Harvest

2 Cousins & Burrito Me are Working it Naturally!

By N.R. Mallery

Burrito Me in Plymouth, NH

Here we are in the midst of a great harvest season. What that means for Burrito Me, in both Laconia and Plymouth, NH, is that they are right in their element, doing what they do best […]

A Great Emergency Generator You Can Drive

By George Harvey

A Prius Powers a House. Photos courtesy ConVerdant Vehicles LLC.

Last February, Green Energy Times reported on a backup power system available from ConVerdant Vehicles LLC. It is a neat little piece of equipment that is put into the trunk of a Prius, and supplies power as the car’s engine […]

Recycling For Your Construction Project …

Did you know?

By Clare Innes

Crushed glass, as mentioned in the article, used in place of crushed gravel to build a French drain at a residence.

When you’re making plans to button up your house, close down your cabin, and shore up the shed for winter, it’s easy to keep a […]

Interiors Green Shots


By Jessica Barber Goldblatt

Earth or clay plaster is a blend of clay, fine aggregate, with an addition of fiber and pigment, depending on the look one wants to achieve.

Earth materials were used extensively in buildings of all sorts prior to the 19th century. The disappearance was not because […]

And this Month’s Feature is … Natural Products for Oral Care!

By Larry Pleasant

Now before you sigh and flip the page, wait! How much time, energy, and money do YOU spend each year in a losing battle against gum disease? If this sounds like you or someone you know, read on.

When you get a sore throat what’s the first thing to try? A salt […]

Staples Recognized for Green Power Leadership

EPA recently recognized Staples, Inc. of Framingham, Mass. at the 13th annual Green Power Leadership Awards. Staples was one of only to 21 organizations and three suppliers recognized nationally for their achievements in advancing the nation’s renewable electricity market.

Staples was recognized for Sustained Excellence under EPA’s Green Power Partnership, a voluntary […]

Farm to School’s Best of the Best

Beginning this fall, two of Vermont’s regional Farm-to-School organizations are combining the best parts of their successful pilot programs into one that is rolling out statewide. Green Mountain Farm-to-School in Newport and Food Connects in Brattleboro have launched Harvest of the Month (HOM) through a collaborative grant from the Vermont Community Foundation.

Educators […]

Sustainable College News in New England

By George Harvey

In addition to teaching sustainability in their courses, our colleges are getting results that are exemplary from all angles. We have chosen three in our region that are quite impressive. They are truly ‘Walking their Talk!”

● Keene State College, in Keene, New Hampshire, has received LEED Platinum certification for their Technology, […]

By N. R. Mallery

Healthy eating while keeping food local can be a challenge here in the northeast, after harvest season turns into winter. Beyond this, the reality that climate change and our unpredictable weather patterns will again wreak disasters upon us similar to hurricane

The team at Vermont Victory Greenhouses

Irene is […]

Growing Fresh Vegetables in the WINTER in Vermont?

By Amy Todisco

Not fond of sad looking greens shipped across the country in the winter that are virtually devoid of flavor and nutrients? Me too. Living in the Northeast, most of us have believed that we cannot grow fresh veggies in the winter with the lack of sunlight and bitterly cold […]