Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Removing barriers to expanding renewable-energy generation in Vermont

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By Rick Wackernagel and Laura Mistretta

To avoid the worst effects of global warming, we need to transform our energy system, replacing fossil fuels used in producing electricity, heating and transportation with renewable energy. In 2011, Vermont made getting […]

Solutions: A Carbon Campaign

A Proposal for Sustainable Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Roy Morrison. This picture was taken in a tropical rainforest. Photo taken by his wife, Luanne Bakero

By Roy Morrison

The following is a grassroots campaign to support a sustainable global carbon dioxide emissions standard of three tons of carbon dioxide per person […]

Pope Francis Speaks Out on Climate Change

On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si)


by Pope Francis, Melville House Publishing, 2015, 165 pages, paperback, $14.95

Book review by Tammy Reiss, with quotes from the text.

Stock markets and economists are closely watching how consumers will respond to the landmark encyclical letter from Pope Francis, ”Encyclical on Climate […]

A Consumer’s Guide to Solar

Empowering people to make informed choices

By Matthew Myshkin, 33 pages, available online, $4.99

Book Review by George Harvey

This is a small book. The Kindle edition is only 49 pages. The pdf edition has only 33. It has many illustrations. I read slowly, but I could finish it during a coffee […]

Backyard Roots

By Lori Eanes, Skipstone Books, $21.95

Book review by N. R. Mallery

Backyard Roots is a collection of stories about people who farm on what small pieces of land they have available in crowded, mostly urban, areas. They all live in West Coast areas of the United States or Canada, but the lessons they have […]

Back to a Joyful Garden

Book Review by George Harvey

The Woodchuck Returns to Gardening

By Ron Krupp, 247 pages, Whetstone Books, $18.

The Woodchuck Returns to Gardening is one of those books that may be exactly what you want it to be. It could be an introductory book on vegetable and fruit gardening, for […]


by N. R. Mallery

a review of Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid by Sheri Koones

Some time back, Sheri Koones watched as a pre-fabricated house was being built. She was impressed by the speed and efficiency of construction. She was also impressed by the beauty of the finished product, but when she talked […]

Around the World on Solar Power

Solar Impulse II. Photo by Milko Vuille. from Wikimedia Commons

By Thaddeus Rumple

You can use power from the sun, even when the sun is not shining, with storage options today. Furthermore, you can use it for some pretty intensive applications, such as powering an aircraft in flight. We saw that […]

SUPERhouse! the story of buildings and energy

A film by J.D. Wager, New Society Publishers, 60 Minutes

Review by Thaddeus Rumple

SUPERhouse! sets aside the old dictum that form follows function. Part of the reason buildings look as they do is based a direct relationship between form and energy. People will waste energy if it is too inexpensive to consider, regardless of […]

Building(s) for our Future

Book Review by N. R. Mallery

The New Net Zero

Leading-Edge Design and Construction of Homes and Buildings for a Renewable Energy Future

by William Maclay and Maclay Architects, Chelsea Green Publishing, 553 pages, $90.00

Bill Maclay’s expertise as an architect for our future — as a leader and example for the right way to […]