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Important Information on Net Metering

Message from New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association:

September 25, 2015


Most of you know we are in imminent danger of hitting the net metering cap in NH, which would halt significant momentum in building local renewable energy resources at a critical time. Liberty has hit their cap already and shut down net metering – […]

Boston Cleanweb Hackathon

MassCEC Announces Winners of 2015 Boston Cleanweb Hackathon

BOSTON – April 13, 2015 –Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) CEO Alicia Barton today announced MySunBuddy as the grand prize winner of the Fourth Annual Boston Cleanweb Hackathon, earning the team $5,000 for their digital solution that creates a new market for solar net metering credits.

Held […]

Washington Electric Co-op Resumes Net Metering

Washington Electric Coop’s is excited to announce that it is accepting applications for Net Metering in its service territory. The Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) issued a letter today indicating that the WEC net metering plan has been approved. This means WEC can resume taking net metering applications immediately.

Because the Co-op already obtains more […]

One State’s Net-Metering Expansion Offers a Model to the Nation

By Andrew Savage

While battles rage with utilities taking on both solar customers and businesses around the country, Vermont has quietly expanded its net metering program by nearly four times without so much as a skirmish.

Net metering gives renewable energy customers full, fair credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they […]

Net-Metering Summary (House Bill 702)

Provided by Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) [copy in pdf] The bill has two parts: I. Changes current net-metering program until 2017 II. PSB and PSD process to design a new net-metering program effective 2017 I. Changes to current net-metering program (all changes are effective 4/1/14 – except for the provisions regarding utilities that have already […]

Group Net Metering Webinar

February 19, 12 – 1 pm

NH recently expanded its net metering law to include group, also know as virtual, net metering. This webinar, the first of a three-part series, will go through the basics of this new law, the interim rules as governed by the Public Utilities Commission, and how towns and communities can […]

The Net Metering Bill Passed!

Renewable Energy Vermont issues the following statement regarding House passage of the renewable energy net-metering bill

“The renewable energy industry, and the thousands of Vermonters who have chosen to invest in renewable energy, thank the House Natural Resource and Energy Committee, the House and the Administration for quick passage of this bi-partisan, broadly supported bill. […]

Local Renewable Energy Growing in Vermont

Strengthening the Net Metering Program

By Darren Springer, Deputy Commissioner, Vermont Public Service Department

In Vermont we are seeing locally produced, distributed renewable energy become a growing part of our portfolio thanks to the net metering program. Net metering allows families, farmers, communities, and businesses to generate their own electricity and feed the excess […]

Vermont’s renewable businesses call on Governor

to support strong net metering program, citing many economic benefits Program creates jobs, empowers customers, and benefits ratepayers

Montpelier, VT – Citing the need for a policy that creates local jobs and supports Vermonters who want to produce their own energy, Vermont’s renewable energy businesses are calling on the Governor to support a solution […]

Group Net Metering Comes to NH

Concord resident installed a 9.275 kW solar array on his roof, taking advantage the new law, HB542, that went into effect on July 29. The cap was raised to 10kW per system, so systems of 10kW or less are now eligible for the residential rebate: 75¢ per watt of panel rated power up […]