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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Rand’s Hardware is Doing it Big in Plymouth NH

Steve Rand, at Rand’s Do it Best Hardware in Plymouth, New Hampshire, could teach a course on fitting up old buildings for energy efficiency. He got a lot of experience refitting the building his hardware store is in.

In addition to the hardware store, the building has two other businesses and eight apartments. The main […]

Local Solar-Powered Bookstore Happily Shares with the Community

Warner, NH is a unique example of what community and local is all about. How many times have you seen a sign on the door of your local bookstore that reads: “Come On In. Close the Door. We are SOLAR Air Conditioned”? They not only welcome the community to come on in to get some […]

LEDdynamics – Vermont Lighting Manufacturer

By George Harvey

Vermont can boast that in addition to ski slopes, dairy farms, and its other attractions, it has a lighting manufacturer at the leading edge of technology. LEDdynamics is based in Randolph, Vermont. A prominent statement at their web site tells us clearly what they have achieved in their field: “It’s Easy Being […]

802 Toyota’s PV’s are Out of Sight

Part of the 62.4 kW PV array (260 Sharp 240 W panels) of the all new 802 Toyota Dealership in Berlin, VT.

When you drive by the 802 Toyota dealership in Berlin, Vermont, you might just see tips of the solar photovoltaic panels peeking up from the roofline of their new building, but […]