Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter From the Editor

What crazy times we are living in! The climate is changing faster than scientists thought, sea levels are rising, and storm systems are stronger and more frequent than in the past. Then, we have an impending winter just ahead of us with the ever-increasing costs for fuel to get around or to heat our […]

Addressing the Biggest Problems

Op-Ed (Letter to the Editor) from Ryan Yoder – Danby, VT

Some of the biggest problems facing Americans are collapsing ecosystems, climate change, and an exponential curve in the incidence of chronic disease. There are compelling arguments that any of these alone has the power to collapse our economy and civilization, and their convergence is […]

Letter from the Editor

Our theme in our April/May edition of GET is“Celebrating the Earth.” While every day and every edition of Green Energy Times is about the earth and the future of our planet, this is the time when the world comes together for the earth!

At this time, actions are taken to clean the roadways, but what […]

Letter to the Editor

Comment on “Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Every Day” in the January 2020 issue of G.E.T.

Having helped operate a “foam” cup industrial process back in the 70’s and using true Styrofoam as a building product in the 80’s, I learned the difference between the two.

The following is from Wikipedia:

“Styrofoam is a […]

Derry, NH Town Councilor Inspired by G.E.T.

To the Editor:

Around two and half years ago, I randomly picked up an edition of Green Energy Times while waiting for my child to be seen by her pediatrician. We had just had our second child, my first term as a Town Councilor was coming to an end, I had just suffered an election […]

Letter to the Editor – The Hub

To the editor:

We very much enjoy reading Green Energy Times. We get it at our local Glens Falls, NY YMCA.

The Hub. Courtesy photo.

We thought you may be interested in knowing about our recent solar installation in support of a business. Two AllEarth Renewables solar trackers were installed […]

Letter to the editor

When there is a huge solar energy spill, it’s just called “a nice day.”

Nov. 10, 2014

Dear Nancy Rae,

First of all, I love Green Energy Times. It is so right on with the information that it provides. I have some ties to Vermont which I am glad I have. I am on the […]

Letter from the Editor

Wishing you all a sustainably peaceful holiday

As I look outside at the foot of snow on the ground today, the day after Thanksgiving, it appears that winter has arrived early. Is it going to be another extra long, hard winter? The seasons seem to be changing in front of our eyes. The week’s weather […]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

My wife and I picked up copies of your publication last night while waiting for a pizza to be made, and we both had the same reaction – your paper is inflammatory in the extreme. While the situation of world climate change certainly is a biggie, there is a large element of […]

Letter to the Editor on Vermont Yankee

Dear Editor,

Just a few weeks ago, Entergy, the owners of Vermont Yankee, announced that they will shut down operations at the plant at the end of 2014. This is welcome news to many throughout Vermont, neighboring Massachusetts and New Hampshire. But is it also an announcement that brings trepidation with it, knowing that […]