Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Tasty Crabapples

a Perfect Homestead Tree

With organically-grown tasty crabapples, you can have your cake and eat it too!

By David Fried, Elmore Roots Nursery

Even in summer, everyone is still connected to spring when the trees open their arms and nearly smother us with delicious blossoms. They feed our eyes and our imagination. They […]

Harvest Right In-Home Freeze Dryers

By George Harvey

There are lots of ways to preserve food. In ancient times, meats and fish were smoked, and vegetables and cheese were lacto-fermented. In the Middle Ages, freshly caught ocean fish was packed in salt and sold weeks or months later in Alpine towns. More recently, canning, freezing, and refrigeration came […]

Climate Change Equals Zika Virus

The history of the Zika virus and environmental management

The Aedes aegypti mosquito can infect humans with the Zika virus when it takes a blood meal. Credit: Sanofi Pasteur, FlickrCC.

By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

Zika virus, first discovered in Uganda’s Zika Forest in 1947, is transmitted to humans and other mammals […]


By Larry Plesent

I dreamed I was the last of my generation. Old beyond years, I sunned myself on a bench and watched the children play.


“Great grandpa! Great grandpa! Tell us about the old days. What took out all the people?”

“Well, children. Many people back then were concerned about […]

The IEE at Vermont Law School


By Benjamin Jervey

Our world’s energy challenges, as any loyal G.E.T. reader already knows, are intimately intertwined with our great environmental, economic, health, and social challenges.

The first ever VLS Energy Clinic Team at the Eaton House working on improved legal and business models for community-owned solar. Courtesy photos from […]

Inter-Lakes School District

How Laker Blue Went Green and Became a State Energy Leader

By Seth Wheeler, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

Working with New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC), Honeywell and other energy professionals, the Inter-Lakes School District (ILSD) is on track to become the greenest, most energy-diverse school district in the state of New Hampshire. The path it […]

High Performance Faculty Housing for Dartmouth

Four faculty houses built by Unity Homes will set a new standard.

Webster Street home for Dartmouth faculty nearing completion. Courtesy photos.

By George Harvey

Unity Homes is building four faculty homes at Dartmouth College to an energy standard requiring very high efficiency. Each will house one faculty member’s household, but […]

Rotterdam, NY Developer Builds Homes to meet Our Future

Net-zero living is now affordable for the general public!

The south side of the netZero apartment building. Note the awnings that subtly offset some of the solar gain in the summer months, yet still allow light in to keep lighting needs lower. Photos courtesy of Bruns Realty Group

Vermont’s First Multi-Family Passive House

Artist Rendering of Elm Place. Courtesy of Duncan Wisniewski Architecture

By Barbara Whitchurch

May 2, 2016 was a chilly, rainy, gloomy day. But as my husband Greg and I entered the lobby of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Milton, VT, the atmosphere inside was warm and celebratory. This joyful and […]



By Jerry Yudelson, New Society Publishers, June 2016, Paperback 278 pages. $24.95.

Book Review by N. R. Mallery

Residential and commercial buildings produce 50% of the carbon emissions in the developed world. Jerry Yudelson has a long history and experience with […]