Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


Local Trail Systems Offer Pathways to the Environment

By N.R. Mallery, G.E.T. Publisher

NEW ENGLAND is a destination vacation — to the many tourists who come from all over to “g.e.t.” outdoors in a clean, healthy environment right here where we live. And aren’t we fortunate to be able to live here with all that […]

This is what Sustainable Sports is all about:

Pedal Power for Solar Power

By Patrick Martin

Josh Andrews and Chris Pamboukes are Portsmouth, N.H. residents who share a deep love of cycling. This summer they will put that passion to work for positive change for the Seacoast area.

On July 14th the two will begin a 2,000-mile bicycle trek down the Pacific coast […]

Sustainable Sports Deserve Green Options

A Products Review

By N. R. Mallery and M. Harrison, Green Energy Times Staff

Green Energy Times Staff trying out the Green Layer shirts. Here is Michelle Harrison, stretching for a run.

Green Layer Sports offers environmentally conscious clothing options that you can actually feel good about wearing, as well as supporting — […]

Keeping Your Event Out of the Landfill

A little planning goes a long way towards keeping your event out of the landfill.

By Clare Innes

With festivals, parties, and outdoor gatherings starting to fill your calendar, follow these simple steps to keep as much material from your event as possible out of the landfill – and keep your event in compliance with […]

Green Tips

To Grill or Not to Grill – Rather, Which One?

By Deborah DeMoulpied

The northern hemisphere’s CO2 appears to be officially now over 400 parts million. Last month Science magazine went into gory detail about the 6th extinction and how species loss is happening 1,000 times faster than previous mass extinctions. Both of these events […]

The Greening of Eye Care

Staff Article with contributions from Michael McCord

Of recent times, the eye care industry is coming onboard with sustainability awareness. A great example is the Miru lenses. The Miru brand of daily disposable contact lenses combines revolutionary levels of hygiene and sustainability. Miru lenses are made by Menicon, Inc. Menicon has a heightened concern for […]

Sweet Organic Dreaming!

Creating a chemical-free sanctuary in the bedroom

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

Sleep is a time for our bodies to heal, renew, and rejuvenate and if you’re going to make one room in the house as chemical-free as possible, make it your bedroom.

Start by clearing your bedroom of clutter and unwanted goods. No workspaces, electronics […]

Ingredient of the Month:


By Larry Pleasant

This month’s special ingredient is “Plastics in the Food and Water Supply.” People often ask me which plastics are the “bad” ones and which ones are safer to have in contact with our food and water and baby bottles. Let me make it easy for you. The short answer about any […]

Sunscreen Cream Recipe

Courtesy of VT Soap Organics.

This cream provides physical sun protection due to titanium or zinc oxide properties. Strength of this cream should correspond to approximately a 15 sun protection factor (SPF) of chemical protection creams.

Titanium dioxide is the main sun protection ingredient, but it can be mixed with or substituted with zinc oxide. […]

Safer Food for our Health and Environment

By EarthTalk®

Although we have come a long way in recent years with regard to the safety and sustainability of our food supply, we still have a long way to go. Toxic pesticides are still used on the vast majority of U.S. grown crops, while other hormone-disrupting chemicals are omnipresent in our food packaging. And […]