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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Outside Story: Southern Pine Beetles March North

Joe Rankin

As if the emerald ash borer’s incursion into northern New England wasn’t enough, now there’s another potentially devastating forest pest marching this way: the southern pine beetle.

Dendroctonus frontalis – the first name means “tree murderer,” we should note – is only a fraction of an inch long. But during outbreaks, they reproduce […]

Vital Communities Partners with Eight Towns for Third Round of Weatherize Upper Valley

Weatherize Orford-Piermont-Lyme Team at the kick-off event at the Rivendell School in January, 2018. Image: Molly Drummond.

January 8, 2019 – An annual program hosted by nonprofit Vital Communities is helping many homeowners keep out the cold this winter, with more than 200 homes weatherized since 2016. Eight more New Hampshire towns […]

Upcoming Commercial Energy Efficiency Trainings

Reduce building operating expenses and solve energy problems with this 1-day “Energy Efficiency for Commercial Building Managers” intensive training sponsored by NHSaves. The same program will be in four locations around New Hampshire- in Keene on 2/1, Portsmouth 2/13, Manchester 3/1 and Plymouth 3/14. Topics range from LED lighting, cold climate heat pumps, air sealing, […]

Can Utilities Incorporate Energy Efficiency into Their Core Business?

With performance incentives, they can.

Grace Relf

As the energy utility business model changes, more states are offering utilities incentives to increase energy efficiency by making it as appealing as traditional investments. ACEEE explores performance incentives for utilities in twenty-nine states, focusing on nine innovative states in particular.

New Jersey is one example. […]

Carpeting Can Compromise Indoor Air Quality – What Can You Do?

Greener carpet is made from wool, jute or cotton and emits little, if any, VOCs. Credit: Dominika Gregušová, Pexels.

EarthTalk®, From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

Carpeting is an oft-overlooked culprit when it comes to compromised indoor air quality, but the chemicals used to produce it are typically far from […]

Top 10 Tips for a Healthier Indoor Environment – Part 1

Lauren Hildebrand

Look around the space you are in right now and take a pulse on your surroundings. Are the lights too bright? Are you too cold? Too hot? Do you hear constant humming from the HVAC equipment in the background? Are you having difficulty concentrating? Are there plants in your view? Do you even […]

A Net-Zero Home in Hanover

The Kaiser Gish house in Hanover, NH is retrofitted to achieve net-zero status. It includes three all-climate air-source heat pumps and an 8kW rooftop solar array. Photos courtesy of Karl Kemnitzer.

Karl Kemnitzer

With the recent release of reports from three main climate organizations (UN IPCC, U.S. National Climate Assessment, and […]

Global Warming Acceleration

Global warming acceleration becomes evident by connecting global temperatures at La Nina minima.

Dr. James Hansen

Climate models indicate that an El Nino, probably a weak one, will begin this (Northern Hemisphere) winter and observations show that warming in the tropical Pacific has begun. Current global temperature (12-month running-mean) has thus reached its […]

EIA Publicizes Drop in U.S. CO2 Emissions

But Is This Right?

George Harvey

A recent article from the Sun Day Campaign (SDC), which was posted at the Green Energy Times website (, asked some serious questions about data coming from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA). Specifically, it looked at possible contradictions, not in terms of numbers […]

ACEEE partners with Bloomberg’s American Cities Climate Challenge

Image: Charlotte, NC skyline. Image: Flickr

Kate Tanabe, ACEEE Research Assistant, Local Policy

Michael R. Bloomberg recently announced Charlotte as the nineteenth winning city of Bloomberg’s American Cities Climate Challenge, of which ACEEE is an official partner.

“With Washington asleep at the wheel, cities like Charlotte are leading the way […]