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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

BioHeat To Replace Home Heating Oil

Main-Care delivery truck. (Courtesy image)

George Harvey

Most people in this country drive cars, and most of those cars have internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels. Many people who care about climate change and the environment still burn gasoline for transportation. The reason is clear. We cannot all go electric […]

Solar H₂O and Heat Pump Water Heaters

Schematic of a heat pump water heater

Solar Hot Water in the Age of Solar Electricity: Heat Pump Water Heater – Part 2

Russ Lanoie

Other than capturing the sun through windows for passive solar heating, for many years the most effective way to utilize the free energy of the […]

Solar Hot Water in the Age of Solar Electricity

The Tin Mountain Renewable Energy Initiative (TIMREI) solar raiser team prepares to install a flat plate solar hot water collector. These plates are heavy and require lots of muscle power. (Photo TIMREI).

Russ Lanoie

For many years, the best way to capture the energy of the sun, other than by inviting […]

Electric Thermal Storage Heating

Electric thermal storage room units provide a clean, consistent source of heat. Ceramic bricks within the units store vast amounts of heat for long periods of time allowing you to get on-peak performance at off-peak electric rates. (Photos courtesy of Steffes).

Richard de Grasse, PE

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating refers […]

How Much Does Geothermal Heating Cost?

Geothermal heat pumps can save up to 70% on your annual energy bill. (ClimateMaster, Inc.)

Joe Parsons

If you’re wondering what geothermal heating costs, then you may already know that switching to an eco-friendly option requires some investment. According to, reducing heating costs by as much as 50% […]

Renovated Peterborough Town Library Building is Heated and Cooled with Wood Chips

The rear section and basement of the Kyes-Sage House was converted into the boiler room for the new Peterborough Town Library. Pipes run from there, under the driveway and into library’s HVAC system. (Photos: Froling Energy)

Jim Van Valkenburgh

The town of Peterborough, New Hampshire just celebrated the opening of their […]

Contractor Spotlight: Vermont Heating and Ventilating

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s (EEN) Spotlight: Vermont Heating and Ventilating

Interview with Steve Poole, Engineering and Sales for VHV

VHV is a 70-plus-year-old mechanical contracting business headquartered in Winooski, Vermont and serving several states in the Northeast.

From Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Steve Poole: After graduating […]

Efficiency Maine Introduces Funding Opportunity

for Long-Term Care Facilities to Upgrade Heating, Lighting, and Refrigeration

Efficiency Maine has introduced a limited-time promotion that will help long-term care facilities across the state upgrade their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), LED lighting, and refrigeration systems to high-efficiency equipment.

The offer launched on October 1, 2021, with an application deadline of January […]

Contractor Spotlight: GSK Climate Control, Inc.

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s (EEN) New Ground-source Heat Pump Group

Interview with Greg Kristiansen, President of GSK Climate Control, Inc.

G.E.T. Staff

Efficiency Vermont started a new ground-source heat pump technology sector for its Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN). The first member is GSK Climate Control, Inc. A spotlight on this company was […]

Froling Energy’s New Dry Wood Chip Processing Plant

Froling’s new precision dried wood chip facility in Keene, NH (All courtesy photos)

Jim Van Valkenburgh

Froling Energy just celebrated the grand opening of their new precision-dried wood chips (PDC) processing plant in Keene, New Hampshire where they have both expanded their output of dry chips and improved their processes. The goals for […]