Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Black Magic Chimney Sweeps

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network’s Spotlight: Interview with Harry Lux

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T.: What is your title, role and how did you get started in this industry?

Harry Lux: I am the owner of Black Magic Chimney Sweeps located in Manchester Center, VT. I have […]

New Federal Tax Credits and State Rebates

To Help Pay for Home Heating, Efficiency, and Weatherization Improvements

Michael Daley

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) does not just provide a boatload of new money to help you be more comfortable in your home while helping to save planet Earth, it provides a whole convoy of boatloads! That money is flowing in […]

What Is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

The wall-mounted ductless mini-split heat pump in my sunroom. This is the only indoor unit connected to the outdoor unit, making it a one-to-one setup. (Courtesy photo)

Allison Bailes

Ah, mini-splits. They’re all the rage in the world of high-performance HVAC. But what exactly is a mini-split heat pump? Unfortunately, the […]

A Geo Heat Pump Plus Solar PV Technology

I’ve always been a strong proponent of the combined use of solar PV and geothermal heat pumps to achieve residential zero net energy status. As I began to draft this article for Green Energy Times. It struck me that what better way to sing its praises than to provide a real-world example from a […]

Williams College Takes a Crash Course in Window Weatherization

Williams College in Williamstown, MA. (Doug Schlaefer)

Christopher Pratt

The heat that builds each year from carbon emissions is also turning up the heat on sustainability directors and project managers of New England colleges to decarbonize their respective campuses by a 2030 deadline, or else. So, when it came time to decide what […]

Forest Carbon Management, Part II

Using Timber for Energy, Buildings, and Furniture – the Myth That Cutting Trees Is Bad for Climate Change

Figure 1 – Carbon cycles

Charles Levesque

This is the second and final article in a series of exclusive Green Energy Times articles on some myths about climate change and the role […]

Funding Notice: Community Geothermal

Heating and Cooling Design and Deployment

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the Community Geothermal Heating and Cooling Design and Deployment Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), which will award $300,000–$13 million for projects that help communities design and deploy geothermal district heating and cooling systems, create related workforce training, and identify and […]

Net-Zero Home Emerges from Sustainable Lifestyle

The 2,600 square-foot home boasts a blower-door test rating of 0.59 air changes per hour (ACH), compared to a similar home built to minimum local standards which would typically have a of about 3.5 ACH. (Courtesy images)

Dan Vastyan

For decades, Janet Armstrong and Lloyd Davies lived and breathed the sustainable […]

Groundbreaking Technology Provides Lower Cost Option for Geothermal

A diagram of a home with a double hybrid heat pump. The heat pump heats a hot water storage tank and supplies hot water to the building through the same pipes that the boiler once used. New ductwork (in red) is added for supplemental heat and air conditioning. (Source: Energy Catalyst)

G.E.T. […]

Geothermal’s Moment Has Come

Matt Power

Converting to net-zero, all-electric living may take decades, unless we re-examine low-input energy sources such as ground source heat pumps.

This year, we learned firsthand that “all-electric” living won’t happen overnight in the United States. For example, our Scottsdale exhibition remodel took on the task of converting from […]