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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

EVs Gone Wild!

Electric Groomer Keeps the Trails in Shape at a Local X-C Ski Center

Incorporating a 2015 Smart Fortwo electric vehicle in the design, this all-electric groomer gets 10-15km of grooming range pulling a six-foot wide drag at Sleepy Hollow Ski Center. Image courtesy of Eli Enman.

N.R. Mallery

“We have completed […]

“There’s Nothing Wrong With the Earth”

Jessie Haas

Communities dig terraces to stop soil erosion in Lushoto, Tanzania. Image: Georgina Smith/CIAT

What if we really could have it all? Abundant, nourishing food for everyone, farmers able to make a good living while producing it, beautiful wildlands, a resurgence of threatened plants, bugs, birds, and animals, and a […]

Resulting Impacts of a Pandemic 0n the Waste Stream

Marc Morgan

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) seems to have had an impact on every aspect of our lives. No more movies. No more hockey games. School is taught via Zoom. Dining alfresco is now the norm. Covid-19 has even had effects on the way we generate and throw away our trash and […]

Discarded Disposable Masks and Gloves are Floating into the World’s Waterways

From NBC News for the Coronavirus Update, Oct. 28, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s important to remember to throw away used personal protective equipment properly as more items wash ashore on beaches across the world. During the annual International Coastal Cleanup last month, more than 62,000 items, including single-use masks and gloves, were […]

The Environmental Impact of Single-use PPE

We are throwing away huge amounts of single-use waste in responding to the COVID-19 crisis

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss, EarthTalk®

There’s no question about it: all the disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) in our waste stream is taking a toll on the environment. A recent study in the […]

Community Greenhouses Sprouting

Edible Brattleboro volunteers grow food in public spaces, like the grassy area between the Brattleboro Food Coop parking lot and the Whetstone Brook Image: Edibe Brattleboro

Jessie Haas

When Marilyn Chiarello, founder of Edible Brattleboro, saw a free hoophouse frame offered on a local listserv, she started dreaming. A place for […]

Human-scaled Transportation, Human-scaled Sanitation

Julia Cavicchi

The Rich Earth Institute is people-powered in more ways than one. Most of our staff members have been biking to our research center this summer. We are not the only ones biking more and driving less. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked newfound enthusiasm across the country for biking as […]

Craftsbury Sculling Program Enlists Electric Boats

Electric launches are used by coaches for the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s sculling program. Photos courtesy of COC.

Roger Lohr

Seven years ago, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s (COC) sculling program director, Troy Howell, received a mission-oriented directive from the organization to look into acquiring and using electric boats for the operation. In November 2008, […]

NatureFest Goes Virtual

Teaching children how to build birdhouses. Courtesy photos.

Joan Rech

NatureFest is an enjoyable and educational event sponsored by Friends of Moreau Lake State Park (just north of Saratoga Springs, NY). “Friends” is a non-profit group that sponsors activities and in general supports the park. NatureFest is their biggest event. Non-profits and government […]

New Incentives For Electric Lawnmowers

Reducing Climate Pollution and Saving Money for Vermonters

It’s that time of year again! The grass is growing and the lawn needs to be mowed. The great news is that this gas-guzzling, climate-polluting chore can now be completed with much lower emissions and at much lower cost for Vermonters.

With expanded incentives from Green […]