Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Warning on Investments in Fossil Fuels

By George Harvey

We should start with a disclaimer. No one at Green Energy Times is a stock market analyst. Nevertheless, we can see a hand writing on the wall, and what it writes looks a lot like, “Divest – before it is too late.”

Oil industry analysts are in a bit […]

The Snow IS Melting

The glacier has melted at the world’s highest ski resort at the Chacaltaya glacier, and so it has closed for good. Author Ville Miettinen from Helsinki, Finland. Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0. Wikimedia Commons

Ski and Ride While You Still Can.

By G. Harvey and N.R. Mallery

The January-February issue of the Sierra Club’s […]

Paris – COP21: Encouraging Promises!

By George Harvey

The news of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) on climate change came thick and fast as the conference progressed. There was a lot more to say than there was time to say it. We kept a diary of the events as we found them, however. (The dates represent when we […]

Renewable Energy in NH at Crossroads

By Kate Epsen, NH Sustainable Energy Association

The Roberts family are happy about their choice to go solar with net metering benefits. The future of net metered solar in NH is in jeopardy. Photo courtesy of ReVision Energy.

New Hampshire is at a crossroads and our growing renewable energy economy hangs in the […]

Coming Soon To a College Near You

The Hitchcock Center Is Doing It Right!

The approach to the new Hitchcock Center. Credit: designLAB Architects.

By George Harvey

In our last issue, Green Energy Times had an article on the Hampshire College’s R. W. Kern Center, which is being built in Amherst, Massachusetts, by Wright Builders with a view to meeting […]

Solar Capital of the Northeast

Rutland, Vermont

Mary Powell dancing in a GMP utility bucket to “Walking on Sunshine,” the theme song for the solar capital. Photo credit: GMP

By George Harvey

On September 15, Green Mountain Power CEO Mary Powell, Vermont Congressman Peter Welch, Governor Peter Shumlin, Rutland Mayor Chris Louras, and others gathered to announce that […]

By Thaddeus Rumple and Emma Rumple is a New Hampshire developer with a story we can only call astonishing.

Andrew Kellar started the company a little over a year and a half ago, but his earlier life experience prepared him for it well. He started Simply Green, a New Hampshire biofuel company, in 2007. […]

The Silent World War

US aircraft fly above oil fields set on fire by Saddam Hussein’s forces in Desert Storm, commonly referred to as an oil war. US Air Force photo. Public Domain.

By George Harvey

Oil wars have been fought since the 1930s. Bolivia, backed by Shell, fought Paraguay and Standard Oil, over what they all […]

This is How You Do It

A Living Building Challenge

Artist’s rendering of the Kern Center. Images courtesy of Wright Builders.

By George Harvey

Many of us might be unaware of the Living Building Challenge (LBC). It is an international building certification program that was developed in the United States and Canada by the non-profit International Living […]

Three Down – Two to Go

A Majority of Big Oil Wants to Act on Climate Change

By George Harvey

Among oil companies, there are five that stand out, traditionally called “Big Oil,” and “the super-majors.” Though there are other large companies, these five stand out for reasons of both history and economics.

Three of […]