Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Heating Your Home (or Business) on the Cheap:

From the Ground Up (or Down)

The circulation piping and smaller bore hole of Dandelion’s geothermal solution. Images: Becky Meier

By Greg Whitchurch

This is a tale of two apparently parallel lives which, on one fateful day just north of New York City, collided, creating a tsunami of life-changing consequences for them, their […]

Sustainable Woodstock Vermont

Image courtesy of Billings Farm and Museum

By George Harvey

Late last spring, we got word that Phil Swanson, the Municipal Manager of Woodstock, Vermont, had signed a pledge making the town part of the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy movement. Our investigations into what was behind this turned out to […]

Green Mountain Power Doubles its Carbon Reduction Goals in 2018

GMP and Customers Exceed 2017 Carbon Reduction Goals

Green Mountain Power (GMP) has set an ambitious goal for carbon reduction in 2018 and beyond. The goal is to partner with Vermont customers to drive down costs and eliminate more than 8,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year using clean energy for the next two […]

Concerned Citizens Left Bewildered

About Solar Issues in Massachusetts

On January 5, 2018, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities’ (DPU) decided to raise rates, creating uncertainty for future solar customers in the Eversource utility territory. Under the Eversource proposal approved by the Commission, solar customers in the state’s largest utility service area will be forced onto demand charges. These […]

Eversource Energy

Recognized as One of the Country’s Greenest Utility Companies

Plus: The Latest on Eversource’s Major Clean Energy Portfolio Projects

An off-shore wind farm is proposed for 25 miles off the coast of New Bedford, MA to provide stable power for 500,000 homes, with the 55 MW of battery storage. Image:

By Chris […]

Tidal Power

The 16-metres-in-diameter turbine is lowered into place from a platform designed by Open-Hydro. Image: Cape Sharp Tidal.

By Joan Rech

Canada’s Bay of Fundy has extreme tides – which may be an understatement. At the east end of the bay near Truro (Nova Scotia), the vertical difference between high and low tide exceeds […]

Plummeting Cost of Renewable Energy Plus Storage

By George Harvey

Watching the progress of a no-hitter in baseball has an unusual aspect to it. The exciting thing is that nothing new happens. The moment the game changes, the excitement ends.

That is how it has been with the prices of electricity from renewable power. The costs of solar and […]

Solar Power in New York State Exceeds 1,000% Growth


Since 2011, Solar Growth Leveraged $2.8 Billion in Private Investment, fueling 12,000 jobs Across the State

Increased Capacity Supports Governor’s Mandate for 50% of Energy Consumed to Come from Renewable Energy by 2030

On February 6, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that solar power in New York increased more than 1,000% from December […]

Tracking Solar in the Pioneer Valley

Solar tracking system in a field of flowers. Photos by Stephanie Williams, Solar Store of Greenfield.

By George Harvey

Many people who are interested in installing solar systems at their homes think in terms of an array mounted on the roof, or one mounted on the ground in a fixed position, pointing at […]

Batteries: Lead-Acid vs. Lithium

“The times they are a-changin’.” – Bob Dylan

Before: System with lead-acid batteries in need of replacement.

By N. R. Mallery and George Harvey

Until recently, the choice for battery storage of renewable energy generation has mostly been with lead-acid options. Today, with all the new battery technologies […]