Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Myths and Magic Surrounding

The ‘Pre-Fab’ Boom

A pre-fab home under construction as a boom-truck lowers a section into position. Courtesy photos

By John Connell

Though currently the darling of residential design and construction media, “prefab” is much more than a passing fashion. Much more likely to pass is the notion that prefab necessarily implies […]

Why Build to the Passive House Standard?

Whitchurch Passive House cottage. Courtesy photo

By Barbara and Gregory Whitchurch

Over the years, Green Energy Times has run quite a few articles about Passive House, so it’s likely you’ve seen the term. (Don’t confuse it with “passive solar,” which is just one aspect of Passive House). So what exactly is it, and […]

Home of the Future in Woodstock, NY

Woodstock, NY Passive House in the fall. Photo courtesy of Daniel Levy, Ph.D

By Marie Caruso

A house recently built in Woodstock, NY, could be the vanguard of the future in zero-energy housing.

Daniel Levy, Ph.D., a former industrial education professor and certified Passive House consultant and builder, has constructed a two-story, 2350 […]

Weatherize Upper Valley Sees Strong Kick-Off Launch

Julia Lloyd Wright and Danny Bonta – hanging the banner for the Weathersfield area kick-of

By Sarah Brock

More than 130 Upper Valley residents turned out last month for a series of Weatherize Upper Valley Kick-Off events in Norwich, Randolph, Royalton, and Weathersfield.

The events marked the beginning of Weatherize Upper Valley, a […]

Vermont Research Climate News

Lake Champlain. Credit: Wikimedia

By Kirsti Blow, Center for Research on Vermont

In light of the uncertain political atmosphere that poses a threat to Vermont’s climate, a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists reveals how clean energy could work financially for the state. With the basis of existing wind and solar power, […]

The Growing Gulf Between Science and Politics

By Dr. Alan K. Betts

It is time to look back on 2016 and ahead at 2017. Last year was again the warmest on record, well ahead of 2015, which itself set a new globaltemperature record. The seaice cover, which is shrinking as the planet warms, is near record lows at both poles […]

Climate Research News from UMass

Lake Pleasant Drive, Staatsburg, NY. Photo courtesy of C. Klocker

By George Harvey

Climate change is not uniform. This is a fact that needs to be repeated often, because so few people understand. Different parts of the world will warm more than others. Different seasons and different parts of the day warm more […]

New Precipitation Models for New York State

Extreme Precipitation Projections to Help New York State with Planning

January 17, 2017 – Hurricanes Irene, Sandy, and Lee are examples of extreme precipitation events that have caused destruction and deaths in New York State. In 2009 alone, 175 total flooding events in New York State led to $32.82 million in property damage. The state […]

Global Warming Hiatus Disproved Again

A NEMO float, part of the global Argo array of ocean sensing stations, deployed in the Arctic from the German icebreaker Polarstern Bremerhaven. (Photo courtesy of Argo)

By Robert Sanders, Media relations | JANUARY 4, 2017

A controversial paper published two years ago that concluded there was no detectable slowdown in ocean warming […]

All Progress is Local:

Climate Action is Up to Cities and States Now

By Ben Jervey, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School

If President Donald Trump sticks to pledges he made on the campaign trail—and so far he is proving to do just that—the federal government won’t be taking any action to reduce national greenhouse gas […]