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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Center for Climate Preparedness

By George Harvey

Even if we could stop greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today, the climate will continue to change over coming decades. The reasons for this are complicated, but at the same time easy to understand. It takes time to heat up a planet, and the effects of carbon emissions we produce today will not […]

Emerging Frontiers in Bioenergy

Bioenergy: Biomass to Biofuels — the New Introductory Textbook

By Austin Robert Davis

Bioenergy: Biomass to Biofuelsis an innovative new textbook that provides insight into the potential and current advances and benefits of biofuel. Contributions include an extensive list of well-respected university extension programs, such as The University of Vermont Research Extension1, as well […]

Worm Composting at Home in 6 Easy Steps

by Grace Dunklee Cohen

As promised in the December 2014 issue, worm composting expert Joan O’Connor offers a simple recipe for setting up your own worm composting system at home. Composting bins for worms can be set up at any time of year. When done right, they are odor-free, easy to maintain, […]

Compost-heated Greenhouses and the Compost Heat Wagon

By Gaelan Brown

Properly managed compost gets really hot. Experienced composters know that pile temperatures can exceed 160° F if the material is properly aerated. You may have wondered if there are ways to capture that heat in a cost-effective way, and the answer is yes.

This winter both Vermont Compost Company and Jasper Hill […]

Sustainable Textiles

By Green Energy Times Staff

Some of us make a point of buying hemp or organic cotton garments because we know how bad pollution and health problems associated with synthetic fabrics are. While “going green” by looking at a garment’s tag seems easy, the reality of textile production is very complex.


The Ninety Percent Passive House

By George Harvey

Some months ago, architect Robert Scarano of Bright ‘n Green told us something in an interview that really made us sit up and exclaim. “You can get 90% of the way to the passive standard for the same cost as conventional construction,” he said. He then explained, “The extra cost of insulation […]

Insulating: A Sweater For Your House

By Mark Boudreau

Let’s start with the basics, insulation. It resists the flow of heat from one location to another. A good insulator is a material that is really good at keeping heat from transferring from one location to the next.

Take a thermos bottle. You put your hot coffee in the thermos, go out […]

Deep Energy Retrofit:

Windows in Double Wall Construction

By Michael Goetinck

There is a lot of information about window performance and how it can affect the R-value of the wall assembly, but it boils down to a few things:

As soon as you add windows to a wall assembly the performance normally goes down. The more windows you […]

Green Builders in Our Midst:

Building Alternatives

By George Harvey

Bob Tortorice had always wanted an energy-efficient home powered by wind or solar energy, but in 1979, when he decided to get such a house built, he was unable to find contractors who could help him. He solved this problem by building it himself. In time, he would use the […]

Around the World on Solar Power

Solar Impulse II. Photo by Milko Vuille. from Wikimedia Commons

By Thaddeus Rumple

You can use power from the sun, even when the sun is not shining, with storage options today. Furthermore, you can use it for some pretty intensive applications, such as powering an aircraft in flight. We saw that […]