Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Snowboard Sustainability – Made in Vermont

by Roger Lohr

Burton Snowboards in Burlington, VT is working to make snowboarding sustainable well into the future. Burton is the dominant snowboard product company, and this commitment to sustainability can be an example for other businesses in the snow-sports world to emulate.

“The Wheelhouse” is a secure bike shelter with 15 […]

Green Tips: Indoor Allergens – ‘Tis the Season

By Deborah DeMoulpied

Winter time allows us the opportunity to bundle up inside, relax, and cozy up to a nice blazing fire. A time when the windows are closed, the doors are shut and drafts are kept to a minimum. And a time when indoor air quality plummets.

This time of year many people have […]

Toxin-free Cleaning Solutions for a Healthy Home

By Clare Innes

Why do we all spend time cleaning? Many reasons come to mind, including safety. It’s just not safe to allow dirt and other messes to accumulate. But if you use toxic cleaners, doesn’t that negate the whole reason you’re spending all that time scrubbing away? When you use household products that have […]

Toxic Teas? Oh No!

On a recent visit to my son’s home, my daughter in law asked me not to put my OG tea bags in the bucket for the worm composting. Their own experience of finding little pieces of plastic in their compost led to an eye opening discovery. The plastic was coming from the tea bags!


Ingredient of the Month: Intent

By Larry Pleasant.

Nothing I have written has raised as much controversy as my repeated assertion that INTENT, along with natural selection and gradual adaptation, is one of the three primary mechanisms of evolution. This month’s Ingredient of the Month explores Intent, the guiding force of creativity and possibly even evolution.

More than one friend […]

The UN Report on Climate Change

By George Harvey

The UN panel on climate change has issued its latest report, The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its Fifth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. The report makes one point very clear:

Climate change is real, and it is caused by human beings.

The scientific […]

Vermont Technical College’s Anaerobic Digester

VTC’s Anaerobic Digester. Photo courtesy of VTC.

By George Harvey

Can you imagine anything more exciting than an anaerobic digester, filled with waste food scraps from a school cafeteria, agricultural spoilage, chopped hay, and lots and lots of manure, pumping out methane (aka swamp gas)? If you can answer “yes” to this question, […]

Earn a Certificate in Nature-Based Early Childhood Education at AUNE

One of several options for early childhood teachers and administrators

Keene, NH — Earn a certificate in nature-based early childhood education! Starting this summer, Antioch University New England’s (AUNE) Department of Education will offer a certificate in nature preschool/forest kindergarten professional development.

The certificate is a professional development option for early childhood teachers and […]

Hilltop Montessori School is 100% Solar Powered – Installed at No Cost!

South facing roof of Hilltop Montessori School. The 11.4kW system consists of 192 Hanwha 250W PV Modules

By N.R. Mallery

Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro, Vermont, is an independent school for children age 18 months to 8th grade. “The installation of solar will allow the school to further the its mission,” the head […]

Explaining Global Warming to our Kids

There are many resources available to help parents and educators teach kids how to understand the issues and become better stewards for the planet.

By EarthTalk®

Kids today may be more eco-savvy than we were at their age, but complex topics like global warming may still mystify them. Luckily there are many resources […]